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  1. OK, well only 3 years to wait for it to come off my file then. Aces. Thanks everyone
  2. Lloyds TSB handed it over to a debt collection agency, not Wescott to start with, I can't remember who though, around mid to third quarter 2008. According to the email from the courts the date of CCJ was 05/11/2012 (I think) for £1365.47 Noddle says Judgment date 03/12/2012 Amount £ 1,540 On these dates in 2012 I was not living at the date stated, that was a previous address. Thanks
  3. Hi again, So this came as a bit of a surprise. This actually wasn't for a parking ticket as I thought. It was actually for a bank account I went in arrears in when I was made redundant in 2008. It was with Lloyds TSB who closed my account three months after I couldn't keep up with them and past it on to various debt agencies. I was getting letters from so many different collection agencies I didn't know who to pay at the time. Any way it ended up with Westcott. This is what the courts emailed back to me - In response to your email, please see below
  4. Hmm, now I am wondering. I will wait for the details from the courts about the CCJ and get back to you. Thanks
  5. OK, thanks for the advise! This is for a council PCN. I have looked into the set aside procedure and still am a little confused (sorry). Is it the N244 I need to fill out? And if so I am not sure of the information I need to provide like the claim number, warrant number etc. Or shall I wait for the courts to get back to me with the relevant info on the case? Thanks
  6. Yes, twice since
  7. Thanks for the advice! I was parked in a permit only parking slot at the road. I failed to see the permit only sign, my own fault. The car was there over night so I can only think that a traffic warden (or whatever you call them now) put a PCN on my window and someone thought it would be clever to rip it off (just a guess). Yes I had recently moved and not updated the DVLA. I have emailed the courts as suggested for the info but not heard anything yet. So, your saying the best course is to just go for a set aside? Isn't there a chance they will just go
  8. Hi I recently went for a mortgage and got refused saying that I had a CCJ against my name. It turns out that I got a parking ticket in 2012 which I was unaware of, the correspondence went to a previous address I have now a CCJ against my name for £1540!!! Issued from Northampton Court in December 2012. Yes £1540 for interest on a parking ticket that was probably £25 to start with. I had no knowledge of this ticket, no knowledge of this ever going to court, and there is no way I am going to pay that amount for a parking ticket. As this was all issued
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