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  1. OK, well only 3 years to wait for it to come off my file then. Aces. Thanks everyone
  2. Lloyds TSB handed it over to a debt collection agency, not Wescott to start with, I can't remember who though, around mid to third quarter 2008. According to the email from the courts the date of CCJ was 05/11/2012 (I think) for £1365.47 Noddle says Judgment date 03/12/2012 Amount £ 1,540 On these dates in 2012 I was not living at the date stated, that was a previous address. Thanks
  3. Hi again, So this came as a bit of a surprise. This actually wasn't for a parking ticket as I thought. It was actually for a bank account I went in arrears in when I was made redundant in 2008. It was with Lloyds TSB who closed my account three months after I couldn't keep up with them and past it on to various debt agencies. I was getting letters from so many different collection agencies I didn't know who to pay at the time. Any way it ended up with Westcott. This is what the courts emailed back to me - In response to your email, please see below the details you have requested. Claimant LLOYDS TSB PLC LLOYDS TSB PLC Claimant Solicitors WESCOT CREDIT SERVICES LIMITED Tel: 0844 8241158 Ref: DM/31xxxxxx5 Particulars of Claim THE CLAIM IS 1365.47 BEING MONIES OWING TO THE CLAIMANT IN RESPECT OF A CREDIT AGREEMENT BETWEEN LLOYDS TSB PLC AND THE DEFENDANT UNDER ACCOUNT NUMBER 25xxxxxxxxx7. THE AGREEMENT WAS TERMINATED AS THE DEFENDANT FAILED TO MAINTAIN THE AGREED TERMS. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PRE-ACTION PROTOCOLS THE CLAIMANT HAS ATTEMPTED TO CONTACT THE DEFENDANT AND AGREE A REPAYMENT PLAN. T HE DEFENDANT HAS FAILED TO RESPOND OR MAINTAIN A SUITABLE ARRANGEMENT AND THE BALANCE OF 1365.47 REMAINS DUE AND OWING FROM THE DEFENDANT TO THE CLAIMANT. AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS INTEREST PURSUANT TO SECTION 69 OF THE COUNTY COURT ACT 1984 AT THE RATE OF 8% PER ANNUM FROM 05/11/2012 TO 07/11/2012 TOTALLING 0.30 AND THEREAFTER AT A DAILY RATE OF 0.30 TO DATE OF JUDGMENT OR SOONER. I hope this assists you with your query, but should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Still I had no clue this was going to court as the correspondence was going to the wrong address. I still can't believe I have only just found out about this from looking on Noddle. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks
  4. Hmm, now I am wondering. I will wait for the details from the courts about the CCJ and get back to you. Thanks
  5. OK, thanks for the advise! This is for a council PCN. I have looked into the set aside procedure and still am a little confused (sorry). Is it the N244 I need to fill out? And if so I am not sure of the information I need to provide like the claim number, warrant number etc. Or shall I wait for the courts to get back to me with the relevant info on the case? Thanks
  6. Yes, twice since
  7. Thanks for the advice! I was parked in a permit only parking slot at the road. I failed to see the permit only sign, my own fault. The car was there over night so I can only think that a traffic warden (or whatever you call them now) put a PCN on my window and someone thought it would be clever to rip it off (just a guess). Yes I had recently moved and not updated the DVLA. I have emailed the courts as suggested for the info but not heard anything yet. So, your saying the best course is to just go for a set aside? Isn't there a chance they will just go after me again as Noddle staes - Case 2xxxxxxx - County Court Judgment - Active Judgment date 03/12/2012 Amount £ 1,540 Court name Northampton Thanks again
  8. Hi I recently went for a mortgage and got refused saying that I had a CCJ against my name. It turns out that I got a parking ticket in 2012 which I was unaware of, the correspondence went to a previous address I have now a CCJ against my name for £1540!!! Issued from Northampton Court in December 2012. Yes £1540 for interest on a parking ticket that was probably £25 to start with. I had no knowledge of this ticket, no knowledge of this ever going to court, and there is no way I am going to pay that amount for a parking ticket. As this was all issued to the wrong address is there anything I can do to get this off my record as it has tipped by credit rating into "poor" status? I honestly can't believe I knew nothing of this for over 3 years and now it has royal screwed me up. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
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