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  1. Update! I had a reply from my adjudicator. She tells me that PDUK have issued her with a final response. The only thing they have said is that part of the complaint shouldnt be considered, as it is outside the 6 year time limit. My adjudicator has found in my favour for all loans from June 2010 onwards, which is good news! I have given the matter some thought, and decided to contest the decision, for the following reasons: *PDUK will very probably ignore the adjudicators decision, which means it will end up with an ombudsman any way. On that basis, Im not really delaying anything, so
  2. There is quite a big difference to be brutally honest. Log book loans operate under a completely different set of rules- they use what can only be described as a dickensian law- its so old it used to be used for loans against horse and carts. There is no consumer protection at all. Rather than a short term unsecured loan, its a chattel mortgage- or a mortgage against a moveable object. The only real angle for a complaint, as I understand it, is if the bill of sale wasnt registered in time with the court, but even then you're on thin ice. It does seem that changes are slowly being made
  3. They do this with every complaint. Its entirely up to you how you chose to reply, but i would be very wary of sending them any bank statements or in fact anything that they can use against you further down the line! The end result will be the same, whether you provide all of the info or not. They will either reject your complaint, or will offer an amount of about 10% of the amount of interest and fees you paid. I am not trying to put you off- far from it- but i do want you to have realistic expectations of the process. Your complaint will take 8 weeks, then QQ will almost certainly come ba
  4. I had a great chat with my adjudicator the other day. Im not sure if Im meant to know this, but aparently the FCA are crawling all over PDUK, because of the way they have been handling these complaints. They are in the process of enforcing a similar redress scheme to Wongas, so there may well be more automatic refunds being issued very soon. I know there was a redress scheme in place, but this covers a much longer period, and goes back much further. FCA regs suggest that they should use previous rulings by the ombudsman to help to speed up the resolution of new complaints. Clearly, this
  5. Well, 10 long weeks after I initially complained, I now have an FOS adjudicator assigned to my case. PDUK largely ignored me after the statement, refusing my requests for an update, and after 8 weeks I had to send 3 emails and call twice before they would send me permission to escalate to the FOS. They kept pretending they had already sent it... I am under no illusions- they will probably ignore the adjudicator and it will eventually go to an ombudsman, based on what I have read online. But at least the ball is rolling! Based on PDUK's desire to protect its public image, and at
  6. Hi Lou, I might be wrong on this- I'm sure someone will correct me if that's the case, but I am not sure that the Maltese FOS can help with refunds etc. I hope I have made a mistake, but I am sure I remember reading somewhere that you can complain, but they wont help with a refund or compensation. If thats the case, it might be worth accepting the £139 as better than nothing Well done with wageday advance though!
  7. I just wanted to add to this- the comment about QQ being able to reject the complaint based on the 6 year rule isnt strictly true. They might try it, but I spoke to FOS at length the other day on behalf of a friend of mine who has literally hundreds of historic loans. The chap I spoke to was incredibly helpful, and assured me that its either 6 years from the date of the loan,OR 3 years from the point you realised there could be a problem. My friends circumstance are a bit extreme, as she has been seriously ill for the last few years and he had a great deal of sympathy for her situation,
  8. Hi all, Just in case any one is looking to make a complaint about irresponsible lending to cash convertors- I was helping a friend, follwing advice from here- and I have to say, they are the easiest company i have dealt with so far. The statement of accounts was there within an hour of requesting, and following an email complaint on Thursday, a final response has arrived today, with an offer of almost £1500. She is more than happy with that figure, and looking at the loan history, although she has paid more over the years, I really dont think she would do much better with FOS,
  9. I'll head over and have a nosey. Thanks again, I will keep you posted!
  10. I have added the interest to £4700 in total. If I accept that all loans under £300 were probably fair, this leaves me with a figure of £4472.50, plus the 8% interest. I still owe them £339. Does requesting £4464 seem appropriate to you? That pays back their original loan, and includes my interest.and accepts that the first 5 times I borrowed from them it was my own fault. Or should i let them decide that? I have already requested my bank statements- I dont have online access to that account so will have to wait for them unfortunately. I'll be happy to provide them to FOS if they
  11. It was always paid on time, and then reloaned- purely because they got to my bank before my landlord did! At the time I worked for mobile phone company, so got a decent discoount. Hence everyones contracts were in my name. If they had credit checked or asked for statements at any time, they would've seen about £250-£300 going straight out of my account for phone bills, so with their £525 I was left with £300ish a month to pay for the rest of my life- rent bills etc. I ended up borrowing from a couple of other companies a few times when i really got into a mess. It was a nightmare- it
  12. Good evening, Well, my SOA has arrived, and its not pretty... I'm stuggling to edit my personal details but once I have I'll post it here. In the mean time, the first loan was for £100 on 21/2/2008, the next was £150 on 17/3/2008. April was £190, May was £220, June was £250, July was £360, then it was £420 every month right the way up to March 2012. Ive added it all up and the interest is a whopping £4700. I am happy to conceed that the first few were affordable, and I could comfortably pay them back. However, as it goes further down the line, I was literally paying off one mo
  13. Hi, thanks for the replies. I requested a statement yesterday, and they replied to say they hope to get back to me within 4 weeks... I know they're probably busy at the moment but that seems a bit extreme!
  14. Hi all, I have been trawling this forum and found loads of really helpful advice, so firstly I wanted to say thankyou! Between 2009 and 2012 I was trapped in a never ending cycle of debt with PDUK. I was borrowing £400 per month, and paying back £525 every single month, for about 3 years. During this time I was also borrowing from quick quid and a couple of others, but not to the same extent- only a couple of loans from each, nothing on the same scale. I honestly cant remember opening my account with PDUK- and I think the initial loan was for £100, but I know that after that I
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