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  1. Thanks for the reply. I will be contacting Ocaso on Monday and once I have the details of the underwriter, I will be contacting the FOS again. I guess that means they can just move me anywhere, anytime, without giving me reasonable notice, explanation or reason or ensuring it's suitable for my needs, because that's exactly what they're doing now. Grateful they didn't cancel this booking and that I did a search for the address of the hotel/spoke to the building manager here. If not, I could have been on the side of the street with all my bags outside a construction site early t
  2. My ridiculous life continues: Was a bit gloomy after posting and resigned to packing everything up tonight. Went to speak to the building manager of the accommodation I'm currently in to find out what time I had to be out in the morning, only to be told that she has no idea what I'm talking about, because the booking was reconfirmed for another week - earlier today??!! I have received no such information. Remember the B&B that has been booked for me for a week starting tomorrow, including the 'meal deal - breakfast and a 2 course evening meal with a drink'? I decided to do a bit of
  3. Hi Insurers: Ocaso Management Company - The Davies Group Underwriters - ?? I seem to be involved in a passive aggressive/aggressive aggressive and rather strange encounter with my loss adjuster regarding Alternative Accommodation. I've had a look through all the threads and my Policy Booklet and in desperation, contacted the Financial Ombudsman Service, but seem to have ended up with more questions than answers. My alternative accommodation was originally and begrudgingly booked for 21 days (after proof of a medical condition which would have been further exacerbated if I h
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