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  1. Many thanks for your help anyway. It looks as if my trying to help my friend by writing hasn’t actually helped but I take your comments about Smart Parking on board and realise that they wont give up easily.
  2. This is a copy of the appeal letter sent to Smart Parking. Still trying to sort out how to sent copy of PCN
  3. Sorry to ask this ( I’m new to this - can write a letter but not good with the techie stuff) but if I send these copies will they be on public display? I need to protect his privacy.
  4. Hi, An elderly friend has received a parking charge notice from Smart Parking after parking at Haven Banks Retail Park, Exeter(date of contravention 04/05/22) . On looking at it it appears he started to enter his registration - entered the first 3 letters and then for some reason entered the whole registration after that (ie 3 extra letters in the front). It is still very clear that it is his registration. He wanted to pay it straight away but my understanding is that the rules changed in January 2020 for this sort of mistake and that at the first appeal the notice has to be dropped or reduced depending on how big the mistake. I offered to draft an appeal letter for him which he signed and I posted off. I am kicking myself now as I really should have sent it by recorded delivery (I’m sure they will probably say they haven’t received it!). I have however now taken a second look at the Parking Charge Notice sent by them and I see that they have dated it 19/05/22. As this is 15 days after the contravention and my friend would not have received it for a couple of days after this am I right in thinking that the 14 day rule has been broken by them? Surely this notice should have been dated within the 14 days?.
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