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  1. Firstly, I did immediately inform my doctor in order to be pulled from my original consultation so that I didn't keep anyone in genuine need of the appointment waiting longer than they should (to spell this out very clearly for you, this was way before the mri etc) I don't have an upset stomach, nor have I claimed to. I'm a young individual who is going through a very tough patch in my life. I anticipated the doctor would take the same attitude as yourself had I told him it was stress and to act as though its equal to something as trivial as a sore tummy and send me home (however this hasn't been the case thus far). And, just to clarify a few things for you -- after a short email off to a lawyer and more clarity on the recent publication from the DVLA, they can keep my licence for a minimum of 6 months, most likely a year if I were to fall under the medical guidelines, but as I don't then I should be able to receive my licence back asap. If not, my lawyer will write to them and take it from there. (Oh, and just because you have brain damage doesn't give you any right to come onto forums with a bad attitude about who is deserving or not. I have paid plenty towards my national insurance, have you?)
  2. The guidelines refer to someone who has experienced some form of loss of consciousness. I haven't. I have provided medical evidence to show that there is nothing wrong, along with two medical professional's opinions, so surely I cannot come under those guidelines?
  3. Hi guys, I'm currently in a sticky situation with the DVLA's medical branch. Approximately three months ago I stupidly decided to falsely inform my doctor that I was suffering from blackouts in order to get a sickline from work (the real reason being stress, but being so young I thought he wouldn't have listened to me). Well anyway, the Doctor knows my family and knew that I was a bus driver (little did I know..). He immediately informed the DVLA without notifying me he was doing so and referred me to a Neurologist with suspected epilepsy. I went back to him within a week to say I was indeed lying and apologised for any problems caused as I didnt want to fill spaces in the Neurology clinic that people genuinely needed. A day later I received a letter from DVLA revoking all of my licences (car, bus, lorry and motorbike). I asked my Doctor what to do and he told me to keep my Neurology appointment as did the DVLA doctors as they required contemporaneous confirmatory evidence. I explained everything to the Neurologist when I attended and he sent me for a brain MRI and ECG. He sent the results as well as a supporting letter of his opinion that I did not suffer any blackouts and that they were indeed fictitious through to the DVLA. Throughout this process the DVLA contact centre said they were just waiting on the MRI coming through. Well, they received all of the documents and they were reviewed yesterday and no further action was taken. I cannot understand how the DVLA can still revoke it after all my tests came back clear and the medical opinion of a consultant was that I was fine? Do I legally have a leg to stand on? Does anyone have any advice for what I should do?
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