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  1. Hi slick Unless there is something in the post when I get home today then Rokos 14 days are up. The last correspondence I had was from CRS dated April 10th offering me 10 days to pay before the case will be passed to zinc group. Should I resend original letter to Roko if nothing turns up?
  2. Hi all, You were correct, turns out the EOS issue was a mess up with transferring one of the utilities over to my housemate when I moved out. All sorted now. There are also two letters from CRS at my old address both of which were posted before Roko received my offer letter and updated address. One letter threatens with legal action and the most recent letter says as slick said it likely would, that the debt is being passed over to zinc group and I have 10 days to respond to stop this from happening. No reply from Roko yet but will update as
  3. Thanks Slick. Nothing from the gym today. But had a letter at my new address from a company called EOS stating they have been asked to contact me regarding a personal matter and after carrying out a trace have been provided with my current address. The letter then asks me to contact them so they can ensure their records are accurate. Haven't responded to them yet. I did provide the gym with my new address in the letter as advised.
  4. Hello all Just thought I'd give a quick update to say that the letter was sent off and am waiting to hear back from the gym but it's still within the 14day offer. Have had a couple of phone messages from CRS asking to call them back but that's it. Will update again once I have more Thanks
  5. SLICK132 I have used the draft letter as advised. Dear sir or madam, I refer to my membership at Roko gym in Gillingham. I cancelled my direct debit mandate at the end of November 2015 and this was adequate notice of my intention to cancel my membership. This was due to moving at short notice at an hours commute to the gym and could therefore no longer use your service. I should have made one final payment for the December 2015 payment and offer to pay this to you now. I will not pay you any administration or cancellation fees - these are penalties that are unlawful and u
  6. Thank you slick. I will post a draft here later for review. I was on a 12 month membership. I believe they haven't acknowledged my intent to cancel as the 3month buyout was originally only £130 and now further months have gone by which they haven't received payment for plus now the CRS fees. Neither have my current address at the moment. I would pay the 3 months to have this over with if need be.
  7. Hi All thanks for the replies. Some terms and conditions were mentioned when I signed my membership but it was my first gym and and I didn't understand the implications of them. Nothing was mentioned about moving away as I had no intention of relocating at the time. The letter was taken to the gym and handed to a member of staff who gave me a note to say I had been in and wanted to pay 3months to get out of my membership. Which at the time was 130 now CRS say I owe £326. The gym manager was never contactable when I was out of work hours. I've moved just over 40 miles away I'm now also wor
  8. Hi All. Firstly thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and respond I have recently been intimidated on the phone and have tried a couple of avenues including citizens advice but have not yet found a solution I am currently having a problem with CRS and a cancelled gym membership. I informed my gym last year that I wanted to cancel my membership as I wasn't using the gym and was soon to be relocating an hour away after taking a new job. The gym informed me that I could cancel my 12month contract but only with a minimum notice of three months.
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