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  1. Just checked the paperwork. The credit card that has NO PPI on it that I still owe RBS; has been with Triton and Moorgate in recent years... both companies saying that 'they are acting on behalf' of RBS. So, just in the process of getting the PPI payment off the other RBS card and for the first time in six years the credit card (the one with no PPI on) is now being handled by RBS again!!! Will let you know the outcome ... should be this week!
  2. Used some of your wording in a search and found this an article on the thisismoney site (my score is not high enough to post links)... "In one case, a Money Mail reader from Waterlooville, Hampshire, had a £1,300 refund used to pay off a chunk of his £6,300 loan by Nationwide BS, despite having agreed a more lenient repayment plan after losing his job. Nationwide says: ‘As with all financial services institutions, Nationwide has the right to set PPI compensation payments off against debts due on the account to which the PPI applies" Taking a debt off one card, with PPI from another would not apply above? Two different 'accounts'?
  3. Yes, the card (debt) is still with RBS; I got a letter this morning. Although (and this raises another point) I'm pretty sure it was with a third party until recently. So, it looks like thay have bought it back from them.. . I have read that this happens sometimes. Will let you know whether I get the PPI offset to the debt of another card !! I have all paperwork... so also will let you know whether or not it has been sold -back before the PPI cheque arrives.
  4. I had (have) a Goldfish claim that I got paid 800 pounds from Barclaycard recently. In the settlement letter they stated that the card started in Novenber 2002, but they did not have records from nov 2002 to december 2003... So, they estimated the amounts. Fortunately I found all my old statements going back to May 1999 and its currently with them. The point of writing is that when I knew how much I was being offered (like the original poster above) I had a pretty good idea it was nowhere near enough... Good luck
  5. I've currently been told I've been awarded £3,700 pounds from a credit card that goes back to 2001 with RBS (not got any money yet though). However, in the text sent to me it said that "It was under investigation with the claims department because of outstanding amounts with the RBS Group"... I had another credit card with RBS that I am paying off and still owe £1,200. .. Can RBS use the 3700 from the PPI credit card to pay off the outstanding on the other credit card? Is it not a separate debt? Or is it the case that this IS allowed... Thanks
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