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  1. Folks, Thank you all for the replies, they've all been really useful, and I'm so sorry it's taken so long to get back onto this tread with an update. We've had a very hectic couple of months including some big issues with the car we bought to replace the one I'm talking about above (we bought that one on the credit card for the extra protection but this is also proving to be a difficult case - I'll start a new thread about that one if necessary. In a nutshell, we've had the worst luck with cars this year). So back to this car... I got the independent inspection as advised (from Dekra
  2. Not sure if I should be typing it out verbatim or what.. I'll put it in a nutshell for now. They basically said a full inspection was made by us when we bought it, to their knowledge it was in good condition and the warranty had expired. they also went on to say the issues we described aren't covered by their warranty anyway and they "can't guarantee that something may happen" as the car was manufactured a long time ago. They stated that they had carried out a "standard vehicle inspection" and not a full service, and that the car has a full valid MOT. That's pretty much it. the probl
  3. Paid cash, unfortunately First letter already sent and we've received a reply from them. Is there anything specific I should be saying in the letter before action or should it basically be arguing the points they've made and then reiterating what we'd like them to do? Thanks!
  4. Hi folks, Mid-December last year, I bought a used car from a local dealer to replace our family car which was dying a death after many years of faithful service. The car looked to be in good condition (for a 10 year old car), full service history, 89k on the clock, just what we were looking for. I paid £1500 for the car plus £150 for a new cam belt and water pump as there was no evidence of this in the service history. they gave me £100 for our old car in part exchange. The car came with three months warranty. On 12th March (one day after the warranty expired), we broke down on the w
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