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  1. Hi DX, I will take a look at the link over the weekend. Please see the return i submitted. Regarding the DMP, do you mean with Go-Debt, if so yes it has been totally cancelled earlier in the year. I have issued them with a SAR and the return is posted a few comments up (Post 47) Thank you. Yes Car Credit Submitted 181016.pdf
  2. Good Afternoon, This is the recent reply received by Direct Auto Finance, rejecting the PPI claim. They also state due to the time i took out the agreement i cannot complaint to the Consumer Ombudsman. Does anyone have any advice or know if i can progress this? To confirm this debt was sold to Go-Debt, i have re-paid all vehicle costs to go-debt previously (I know please dont say anything but this was before i got a grip on my finances) Go-Debt are still chasing this debt but the amount only relates to the PPI aspect of the agreement. I feel i
  3. Hi DX100UK, Yes, I no longer live at the address when the agreement started.
  4. theoldroug - This is the SAR return received from Go-Debt. I am still awaiting the request from the original creditor Yes Car Credit / Direct Auto finance, the last i heard from them was a letter last week stating that the signature on my file did not match the SAR request letter and to send in further proof of identity. I replied to them last Tuesday. Go Debt sar return.pdf
  5. DX100Uk - Thank you. Im just a little scared as i don't want it to go to court as i have been working so hard on clearing my file, also my job relies on no CCJ's now cannot afford to have one registered against me. I have been chasing the OC (Direct Auto Finance) in regards to the PPI they were unable to find my account and asked for more details, i supplied them and did not hear back so chased them again via recorded delivered last week and currently awaiting a reply. At the start of the year when i reclaimed some other PPI i was told that due to the date the agree
  6. Hi, I have now received the attached from Go-Debt & TBI. Would anyone be able to help me draw up a suitable response? I am not entirely sure what the letter means, i know its a scare tactic but not sure what to do now? In a nutshell i have paid of most of the outstanding, but have now stopped paying the monthly repayments now i am getting back on top of my finances. The outstanding is currently around 1,400 which is the amount of the PPI the contract states (was told i must have PPI upon taking out that contact) sent SAR to Go-Debt and received a rep
  7. OK Sorry, I just wanted to get this resolved. I will cease contacting them. Thank you.
  8. I have sent the below to NCO om the 19/08/16 and received the reply below, the CCA Agreement received was not a signed copy. Where do I stand and how do I reply? I sent: Good Morning, In regards to your recent letters, most recently dated 22nd August 2016. You have stated that you have now completed the CCA request and that i must arrange re-commencement of payments. The CCA request has not been completed as you must provide me with a true SIGNED copy of the credit agreement. This has not been received. Also the unsigned copy you have sent me has a date of 23/04/2016 on it
  9. DX100UK - Thanks for your response with this, much appreciated.. Ref Debt Line / Charlton Lawrence - Sorry for sounding stupid.. whats the hidden F&F Pot? And with NCO I assume I can go back to them and and reject the CCA claim as its not signed / an Online agreement? If so are there any useful templates available? I also want to go back to them and get them to change my credit report correctly as its currently global arrow and not as a default but if it was reported correctly will soon drop off my credit report as a default. Gareth.
  10. I would have applied online as far as I can remember, I can't recall ever signing an agreement. Also the date on the bottom of the agreement is before the account was opened according to the statement but not sure if that is the document version date but it did have my account number in the footer on the left side which I have blocked out prior to uploading. The DMP was with Debt Line who then changed to Charlton Lawrence. I stopped using them earlier in the year when I got a grip of all my finances and began challenging, etc.
  11. Good Evening, NCO have now responded in 2 different letters received today (attached below) 1 - The Agreement is not signed - They do also state now I have this I need to re-commence payments, is this correct as they have not produced a signed copy of the agreement? If so how shall I respond? 2- The statement refers to the default date as the 19/12/2012 however I do not believe this is correct. I have statements at home from my old Debt management company that dates back to at least March 2011 where payments are being made to NCO for this account. Am I correct in saying I would
  12. Thank you - I am just typing out the request now and I will send out ASAP. Thank you for your help.
  13. Thank you I will raise the SAR over the weekend and send to Littlewoods. Am I right in saying this current entry on my credit file should show this as an actual default and the correct date and Global Arrow are wrong in setting it up as a new account?
  14. Was sent by the following: Lucy For and on behalf of NCO Europe Ltd
  15. Sorry for the delay - I was waiting to be sent the information from them. They have responded with the below but i am not 100% sure the details are correct/confused by the details. The account was opened in 2007 and i believe it defaulted shortly after before 2010. They say it went into arrears in 2013 but i was already making payments though my debt management plan then as it had defaulted? The credit file states it as an open account with only 1 late payment (last month) not as a defaulted account. This is why i am worried now as if i don't not make payments will negativ
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