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  1. Morning, Happy Easter Who do i make the cheque payable to for SAR please?
  2. Yes, i will certainly accept their refund as a partial offer to date, but, as they have already said that should there be an increased refund amount due to me they will award it and also should the end result be that i am not entitled to the original amount offered, they will not decrease the refund.. so I have nothing to lose really by trying. thank you martin2006:wink:
  3. Great, thank you so much for replying. I shall crack on with that and let you know the outcome.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am new to this website so please bear with me if I am babbling on..aplogies in advance I recently stumbled accross my old Woolwich Opeplan mortgage statements from 2000, noticed Add Ins in the narrative and made a quick call to Barclays to see if this was PPI. The gentleman on the phone took the account number and replied "the bad news is No this was PPI on the mortgage however the good news is you did have it on a Barclaycard taken out in 1998" I was a little taken back but didn't let on, he proceeded to gie me the policy number and the last four
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