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  1. Thanks Dx100uk - I did all the google searching before coming to this forum I found nothing about Excell altering the times on the photographs so I thought I's come here and see what other people's experience/advice would be.....
  2. HB, thanks for that important distinction DX100uk - thanks but that link leads to a google search of 'Excell BW legal'
  3. Thanks in anticipation of any one's help. I normally pay parking fines on the rare occasions I get them. However, I am in receipt of the BW Legal 'Letter of Claim' in respect of the Peel centre Stockport parking charges by Excell. I've totally ignored them so far and will continue to do so until a summons arrives, - the reason being, the payment machine was broken, I also tried to help an elderly woman pay without success so I just got back in my car and left, total time from start to finish about 3 minutes. Consider my surprise when I get the fine from Excell
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