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  1. Hi Liverpoolluke, Thanks for your message. Unfortnately I don't have a credit card registered with my PayPal account, only a debit card... however after this experience I will definitely consider using a credit card when paying for items of this value in future, as I now realise it would have been much easier to claim my money back!
  2. Thanks for your messages and apologies for the delay.... I haven't reported the phone as of yet, this is definitely my next step but just worried that once I hand the phone in I will lose any chance of getting my money back (although this seems more and more unlikely anyway now!) I was told by the consumer helpline I phoned that I should be able to get somewhere with PayPal but they are just not budging!
  3. Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me... In August 2015 I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 on eBay from what seemed to be a trustworthy "phone company" with very good reviews. I received the phone exactly as described, brand new and sealed and factory unlocked. I have been on a Sim-only contract with Vodafone for a long time and I immediately began using the Sim in the new phone with no problems at all for the next 6 months or so. However, in February 2016 the phone suddenly lost all network coverage and after a few confusing phone calls with Vodafone (which also involved me s
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