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  1. Apologies for delay in uploading this but please see attached. Also just to confirm Barclaycard actually set the default date as 01/11/2010 which was earlier than FOS requested, which means these two accounts have now disappeared from my credit file. Barclaycard.pdf
  2. Just one final update on this one - Barclaycard have refunded a total of £5656.53 in interest and charges (including all default / late payment / over limit charges of £12). The accounts will fall off my credit file within the next month and I'll finally have this paid off in around 3 years time, if not before. Once again thank you to everyone for advice and assistance on this one, and proof that the system does work
  3. Time for an update. The FOS adjudicator found in my favour, and Barclaycard, after initially refusing to refund the interest, have now agreed to do the following - Default both accounts with effect from 1 November 2010 Refund all interest and charges on both accounts from 1 November 2010 and reduce the outstanding balances accordingly Pay £100 compensation direct into my bank account. I've accepted the offer in full and final settlement of my complaint and I'm very happy with the outcome. My credit file should be updated within 28 days. Thanks for all the help and
  4. I don't have statements from the time when this happened, but from memory there were default charges applied. That's all very well, but I made arrangements to pay with 4 other credit card companies who all defaulted me and stopped charging interest. Those defaults will all drop off my record within the next 12 months Anyway, complaint has gone in to FOS, see what they come back with.
  5. I did read it thanks, and hopefully I'll get the same result. I've filed an online complaint with the FOS tonight requesting that the defaults be applied to the accounts and backdated. I've also requested a refund of all interest charges from the time the accounts should have been defaulted - in Barclaycard's response rejecting my request they did state that when they do default accounts, interest charges are stopped.
  6. So unless I get these defaults backdated I might as well default now, stop the interest and the accounts will drop off in 6 years. If the interest stopped now at present repayment rate, it'll be another 9 years before they are paid off and so another 15 years before the AP's drop off. As they're still charging 3% interest on the balance it could be best part of 20 years before they go !
  7. I have 4 other credit card accounts which were all defaulted in 2010-11, these will all drop off my credit file in the next year or so. The other adverse information recorded is a few payday loans - I know, it's been a long hard journey back from rock bottom.
  8. OK so I sent the email to Michael Roemer. In response to that email I have today received a letter from a Stephanie Woodpark, Customer Relationship Manager who says that they are not prepared to change any of the decisions made. It seems that my only course of action is to take them to the Financial Ombudsman Service, so that's the next step. If I don't get the response I'm looking for then I'm seriously tempted to stop paying and let them default me as these AP markers are going to remain on my account for years to come. I still owe them 12K.
  9. that's very useful thank you for that. Hopefully I'll get the outcome I'm looking for.
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