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  1. September 2013 the property was sold. I then received a letter regarding the shortfall.
  2. I did collect them when I complained but go nowhere. The agent collected com parables that where not com parables if you get my drift. They actually forgot about some like for like properties that where closer to the style of property both in style and distance.
  3. First letter received November 2013 from Henderson Booth and Snell, then passed to Shoosmiths a few months later.
  4. all letters state: Our Client: Bank of Scotland PLC (Halifax Division) Thank you
  5. This bank are a law into themselves I know I won't get anywhere with them or I would do. I don't care about their wasted time but I do about mine. At the time I was asked to submit the offer in writing to the negative equity team which I did, I was then told for commercial reasons they could not accept the offer, a few months later they sell for less than I could have sold for.
  6. Thank you for your advice. I have no intention of making any payment without an agreed in writing full and final amount, once this is done I will pay as agreed. I feel with this group of companies that everything falls upon deaf ears and they do not like producing paperwork when requested. I do have a problem with what the ban sold the property for as they took it to auction when I had had an offer of £35,000 more 6 months prior but they refused to let me sell as it was a negative equity situation. However, if I raise this point with
  7. Mortgage was with Halifax, Shoosmith are dealing with it, I have not paid a penny to them or signed a deed of acknowledgement. Thank you for this but I need to get an agreement first. Another point I found interesting was that the solicitors said to me that their client no longer counter offers on offers to settle from clients because quote' they don't want to force the client to borrow money or get into debt and not be able to afford it in order to settle the debt' this is rubbish.. I mean what are they doing when sending
  8. oh it was a few months after the repo. They sold the property for £35,000 less than what I was offered by someone. All i will say the company was part of HBOS group
  9. I know they are, I know how they work. They want to tie me up for the rest of my life so they can keep coming back to me for more money but it aint going to happen. I can't discuss details on here as I know that many firms check these forums and if they put 2 and 2 together.
  10. I have DM you with the details of the % discount
  11. I was going to let them stew but I want to strike while the iron is hot and I can borrow the funds.
  12. I have checked and the charges are very minimal, can't be bothered to argue these at present….just want the shortfall tied up.
  13. Hello, I hope someone is kind enough to help. I won't go into names or numbers as I know many banks and their Lawyers/ Debt collectors are avid readers of such forums. I have a mortgage shortfall debt after a repo. The banks Solicitors wrote to me and requested a repayment of the shortfall. This has been going on now for a approx 2 years. I made a few offers of a full and final which they declined. They then countered my offer on a Without Prejuduce basis but I could not afford to pay the sum requested at the time. I am now in a position to borrow the counte
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