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  1. Not sure if this will be seen, but further to my initial post RLP actually followed through and sent a letter to my address with to the parent or guardian of......... obviously it came to me as I'm the only one at the address and I'm 27 years old. Is this practice legal by RLP or am I in a position to visit a cab to discuss action against them for breach of the data protection act?
  2. The fine comment was from a security guard where as the letter states simply either amount outstanding or sum sought. Sorry if my message was a little unclear
  3. Just a quick message to say thank you for the replies, I will definitely keep ignoring them
  4. Hello to everyone here, I would be very grateful if you have some advice on a rather strange letter from RLP. Basically I am Bi-polar, normally I'm fine and nobody would know but one day last month I was in the manic phase of my condition due to a change in medication. I had gone into boots and bought a number of items, but I'd also put 3 low cost items a total of £4 in my pocket. I left the store with these but I then realised what I'd done, never stolen in 27 years didn't want to then. So I returned to the store as I was going to pay for said items but as I approached it, two security guards although I don't remember seeing Sia licences on them asked me to follow them. I tried to explain but it fell upon deaf ears. I was taken to the back room of the store and spoken to like a child. Then my bag was searched with paid items being broken before I was searched, patted down. Then one security guard left to price check the items stolen in total 3.95. My driving licence was photographed and so was I. Then I was told I was banned from all boots and would receive a fine for my actions. I though this was fair at the time. But then I received a letter from RLP it stated there had been an incident in store and I was being fined for losses even though in the next sentence RLP say the store suffered no loss. I was expecting a small penalty fine of maybe £30 but no £147.50! I looked around on the Internet for a bit and read through these forums, I decided to ignore the letter. Now however I have has a second letter from them threading to write to my parents or guardian. I'm 27 years old and both my parents have passed away! I'm just wondering what I should do about it, do I just ignore them again? Send them a short reply? Thanks for any advice
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