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  1. The PO didn't confirm that it had been paid to someone else, but mum's account number was correct, it was just the last digit of the sort code that was a mistake, so I was just assuming that it would be just sat somewhere at the PO, I don't understand why it just didn't bounce back, because if I put in wrong info to pay something it just rejects it, the PO were adamant to mum though that it is down to the DWP to re-call the money back and there was nothing they could do, its all very frustrating. I am going to make some phone calls on Tuesday to try and get one of them to agree to sort
  2. Thank you, that's what I thought I they could do, especially if it hasn't actually gone into someone else's account, DWP were basically its your error so we don't have to do anything, and the PO completely dismissed mum, and obviously being 85 and not really understanding sort codes or bank numbers, (cash is what she has dealt in!) I thought they were pretty heartless really
  3. Hi, Hope someone can help, we applied for attendance allowance for my 85 year old mum, she had to send her PO details on the form, but unfortunately when she got the details of her account from the PO help line, the last number of the sort code was put down wrong, whether they told her wrong or mum put it down wrong we don't know, her account number was correct, £411 was paid out in back pay to her, but obviously didn't get into mum's account, when I phoned DWP they said because we had put the number wrong, and mum had signed it there was nothing they could do and suggested calling the PO, o
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