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  1. In March 2015 Lowells got a CCJ against me on an old credit card debt . .. my last payment was in October 2010 . ... which was when I lost my job and my finances went in to 'melt down'. I had received a number of letters from EquiDebt and Red Castle in 2012 and 2013 chasing this debt. We left that address in May 2014 and had mail forwading set up to October 2014. I never knew this claim was happening as all the paperwork must have been sent to my old address and even though we had 'mail forwarding' set up for six months after we left (in each of our surnames), I assume this must have been sent after the mail forwarding had finished. Would it not have been returned to them as 'undelivered', so why did they continue sending to an address I obviously did not live at?? I'm not sure its relevant but I am not a house owner, it was my partners property. I only found out about the CCJ when next door neighbours emailed my partner before Xmas and along with all the local gossip they mentioned that the new owners of the house we left had told them they were annoyed to have bailiffs knocking at their door a .... asking for me!! I sent away for my credit file in December last year and there was the CCJ! I didn't think there was much I could do at that point so just 'cursed' and did nothing, hoping bailiffs wouldn't come knocking at our new address. Yesterday I received a letter from Lowells at my current address (I'm on electoral register / not trying to hide) saying "We have recently confirmed you live at the above address" ... "unless I pay this debt they will proceed to legal recovery" ... it's gives details of the same credit card debt for which they already have a CCJ. Why are they starting again ... they already have a CCJ? They sent bailiffs to my old address, why don't they just send bailiffs to my currect address. A couple of questions:- 1. Can I try for a set a side as I had no knowledge of the first CCJ. 2. Why are they going for a new claim when CCJ (only 1 year old) already exists? I don't own any property . .. have no assets apart from a 12 year old car worth about £1,500 Currently 'between jobs' so no regular income although I do a bit of sales 'interim' work on an ad-hoc basis that generates some irregular income. I do know how to defend a claim (acknowledge, make them prove documentation exists, etc) so if they proceed to a Claim ... I'm ready and waiting. Any advice welcome.
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