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  1. Thanks Jason and everyone. Have a lovely weekend all of you!
  2. Thanks jason2723637, sounds fair to me - also one thing that I've been wondering about - if your coach 'sends' you a job to apply for - do you have to apply for it or can you reject it. I was on JSA quite a few years ago and the advisor then would show me a job on the screen and I would hum and I about it and one day he said 'you don't have to apply for any job I show you, you know but IF you ask me to print off the details for you, you have to follow through all the way'. Does this still apply?
  3. Thank you so much for your information - you have more experience than me so what you've told me is much appreciated, at least I have a better idea of what to expect.
  4. Ok thanks - my other problem is that ideally I would want part time work so that I can build a part time business as well but this is going to stop me in my tracks. I feel so trapped, life is so unfair
  5. And I detest being controlled, 54 and to be treated like a naughty schoolgirl hmm
  6. Thank you honeybee and theronstar, I haven't claimed yet, just getting as much info as I can before I do x
  7. I've been reading some very interesting posts on here about claiming Universal Credit and how to deal with your advisor. Can anyone tell me how much work they expect you to do in a day?
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