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  1. Evening folks. Just wondering if anyone has an email address for a bigger bod at Capital One? I've had quite the weekend with them and need to speak with someone on the ball. thanks
  2. Thank Dx that would explain the 11p & 57p
  3. Hi Martin, yes that's what my common sense told me too especially if it goes to court. I've already had a horrendous experience with the FOS & HSBC. 3 years worth of absolute grief, important documents being lost on a regular basis personnel constantly charging etc etc etc I vowed never again & conculded that staff aren't trained in a manor that's productive to the complaints they're dealing with and I may as well deal with court stress as opposed to stress stemming from inexperience and the inability to comprehend the issues at hand,
  4. lol once I started the complaint it just flowed and made me more upset. I had done a bit of research on this site before hand so I'm aware of the games Capital One play & I didn't expect it to be easy but I thought that by sending a lengthy complaint explaining my position it would've at least warranted a bit of attention! Anyway they've gone the route expected! I received the SAR 2 weeks ago, a stack of paper half of which looks like it's been sent by an airline! I haven't gotten around to figuring it all out yet. So I'll contact the PPI department looking for a full breakdown o
  5. Hi Citizen B thanks for your reply. My initial letter that was sent to Capital One was indeed a formal complaint, quite a lengthy one as well. It was addressed to and received by the Legal Department who sent it on to General Complaints Department. I have received replies from both the PPI team and the Complaints Department neither of whom addressed any of my complaints in a way that would imply "we have done all we can" rather just spouted off loads of blah blah blah the short statements I speak of begin in 2002 & have no paid in or out figures until Mar
  6. Hi folks, I'm looking for some advice on the next steps to take in regards to a PPI complaint and a OL charges with Capital One, let me explain for you PPI - back in March 2013 I got an offer from Capital One totally £1,086.58 of which only £87.94 was refunded for the premium and the rest was associated interest £998.18 & a further 8% interest of 0.57. They deducted the basic rate of income tax at 20% on the interest element, which equated to £0.11 now maths is not my strong point but those tax figures make no sense to me, I've had 2 other PPI payouts both from HSBC both amounti
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