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  1. Hi again, I've only just got some ink, so sending that letter off today. Hopefully it will be the last i hear!!
  2. Thank you Eric's brother I'll get it sent off with those amendments
  3. is this it? Dear Sir/Madam Your Ref: *********** I refer to your letter dated ***. I have no intention of paying the money demanded by your client and any court proceedings will be vigorously defended. You should note that this charge is disputed and you must now refer this matter back to your client and cease and desist all contact with me. I will not respond to any further communication on this unless it comes from a court. I trust I have made myself clear. Yours faithfully
  4. I've had a look and can't find the one line letter in other BW threads, is there a link to it? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your help Honeybee the ticket was back in mid june
  6. I've typed it out, I haven't got a scanner at the moment:- We have been instructed by VCS in relation to the balance due for the above pcn. For the avoidance of doubt the balance due included the £100 PCN charge plus our clients initial legal costs, which are detailed in the car park terms and conditions. As you have failed to make a payment or raise an appeal within 28 days from the date of the pcn, the balance due remains outstanding and we require payment in full within 16 days from the date of this letter. If you fail to make payment or provide reasons for non payment within the specified timeframe, we will seek our client’s instructions to commence legal proceedings against you in the form of a county court claim form in the county court. WHAT TO DO NEXT It is important you contact us to resolve your account. We are keen to work with you and one of the quickest ways to review your account is to register on our customer portal by visiting www. On here you can make a payment, advise us of any disputes against the pcn, upload documentation to support your dispute and communicate with us via web chat. CALL US TODAY on if you would prefer to discuss your account with one of our helpful team. COUNTY COURT PROCEEDINGS In the event county court proceedings are issued you may be liable for court fees, further solicitors costs and statutory interest. Should we successfully obtain a county court judgement this may have a detrimental effect on your future creditworthiness and employability. Our client also reserves the right to commence enforcement proceedings against you for recovery of the balance due.
  7. Hiya, I've not been on here for ages and need a bit of advice regarding the parking ticket we have received. Do we still ignore them? We were parked in a strange spot, it was a marked out, white bay, but had double yellows. We displayed a valid blue badge and timer. Around the area, there were signs not to park, but no sign at all next to the 'bays'. We pondered over it and decided that it was ok to park in the bays with the blue badge, but not out of the bays, as it was for drop offs and taxi's. I have ignored it and today received a letter from BW legl stating that its been passed to them with costs and they will seek a court judgement. Is this the usual scare tactics, or should I be responding?
  8. We have received the SAR from 1st credit. Although there is still only a copy of somebody else's default notice., no t&c's or facility arrangement in it. Andyorch, do you think we should just offer to settle, or in you opinion, is it worth continuing with this?
  9. Does anybody have a link to The Office of Fair Trading v Abbey National PLC and others (2009) ?
  10. Sorry to hear that Downsouth. What a pain after all your hard work! Have you contacted them to settle and if so did you get a good settlement figure?
  11. Is it true though that a DN doesn't have to be produced or that they don't have to bother replying to the SAR if they don't want to? If it's true, I have very little defense.
  12. Thank you Downsouth. Good luck for tomorrow, I look forward to seeing the outcome. Andy or citizenb, are you around for any assistance on this please??
  13. Thank you, Downsouth, that's something to be going on. Are any mods available to help as well? It's not a great time for me at the mo, I've lost my nephew, so not got lots of time to be on here, or reading up due to helping with funeral arguments etc.
  14. Just got back from court. Not great news, it's been adjourned and we have to submit a further ws in 7 days and then the other side get to answer 14 days after that. The barrister insisted that 1st credit hadn't received the SAR sent to them, they did however receive one from BOS of the same date, yet ignored it because it wasn't addressed to them. He further argued that it was irrelevant anyway, because there is no agreement to produce. We didn't even get to say our piece in court, as on that basis, the Judge agreed and said that it needs further investigation as to whether the agreement is needed or not. It was really cut and dry and the barrister also argued that with the passage of time, our DN has gone missing and they can't produce an original, but that they also don't need to produce it, just say that it was sent and the judge also agreed with that. So apart from the argument that it is mainly unfair charges, I felt like it had been ripped apart and I was left a bit dumbstruck. HELP!
  15. Great! What did you think of my ws? Is it ok? 1. I, ****** make this statement in response to the Witness Statement of *****, dated ****** and submitted on behalf of the Claimant, 1st Credit Finance Limited. The matters referred to in this statement are within my own knowledge, except where I have indicated otherwise. I am a litigant in person. 2. I was removed from this account after a breakup in the relationship in 2003 and since that time, it has been in the name of ******* solely. 3. I have never received a Default Notice in relation to this account. The one referred to in the witness statement of ****** is not for this account. 4. A subject access request was sent to HBOS and to 1st Credit Finance on 01.05.2014. This request was not complied with 5. There is no benefit to any party in adding me to the account whatsoever. 6. Upon reading the statements of account, it is clear to see that there are large amounts of penalty charges which are applied. In the event that I should I be added to the account, I will have no option other than to make a counterclaim for the disproportionate penalty charges on that account.
  16. This is what I've sent: Costs for Claim No: ****** ******** COUNTY COURT Rate Claimed Litigant in Person rate of £18.00 / hour Travelling Costs HMRC Approved Mileage Rate of 40p / mile 1) Time spent identifying and understanding relevant legislation. Time spent identifying and understanding relevant case law. Time spent preparing defence, witness statement and skeleton argument. 18 hours £324.00 2) Time spent communicating with Claimant 2 hours £ 36.00 3) Loss of day’s earnings for attending court on 08.01.2015 £ 90.00 4) Travelling costs for return journey to court 2 x 20 miles £ 16.00 Total £466.00 Notes Before undertaking this myself I approached a solicitor to handle this. I was given an estimate of 3 to 6 hours at £170/hour to prepare the Application (£510-£1020) plus extra for attending the court. I respectfully request that the court give consideration to awarding these costs on the indemnity basis or, in the alternative, on the standard basis as I believe, in any case, that they have been proportionately and reasonably incurred and/or are of a proportionate and reasonable amount.
  17. I have sent them in with the witness statement today andy, I wasn't sure of when they would be due, so I copied the bill of costs from an old case
  18. Thank you, citizen b, my partner has taken it, however I've put 18 hours at £18 an hour, which is what I put on the last one for a set aside. If that's wrong, I can ring him and tell him to take it off, he's probably about 10 mins away from the court??
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