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  1. Thanks for the advice just worried that I might have bailiffs knocking on the door. But i will just ignore the letters now i feel that i have done enough with paying the original amount they asked for. But thanks again to for all the advice I have received.
  2. Thanks for the advice the letter off Euro Parking Collection PLC states that it is a fine and that they are acting on the behalf of national toll payment services of Hungary. and that i have paid for the wring category of vehicle. it as penalty charge notice on the letter. the new letter as Contractum Collections on it and is the same address as Euro Parking Collection plc. It is a uk registered van. so EPC must have got my details form DVLA.
  3. I was driving in Hungary last summer and paid to drive on the motorway like i did the year before, i then received a letter from Euro Carparks EPC stating that i had been fine £54 but it was not clear what it was for t hey sent me picture photos, I tried to telephone them put after several attempts gave up because no one answered i email them and they took a couple for weeks to reply they said I had not paid the correct toll for my vehicle, I paid the fine and then received a letter stating that it had gone up to £185. because i had paid the fine i ignored one month late I get another letter stating that I had paid no fine and owed £185 and that it had to be paid by the 28th March, I emailed them and sent a recorded letter as advised to do by CAB. and again I waited a week until I received an email stating that I now owe £127. and I quote on this email it said ''Please note that any further communication which does not contain new pertinent information or evidence will not be entertained or replied to. Where do I stand do I pay it and put it down to experience or where do I stand if i don't pay it.
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