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  1. There are two loans within the list, but yes they were pretty much rolled over and over and over, I just don't know what amounts I am supposed to look at, deferral, repayment, deposit etc...
  2. Hi all I was hoping someone could work out a rough idea of the refund amount on the following loans or tell me how to do it, the complaint is upheld by my adjudicator and I am waiting for final confirmation from PDUK. I can't get my head round what I have paid, some figures are in brackets and there is Interest deferral, deposit, repayments !! I don't know what i am supposed to be adding up here ! Any help would be appreciated 10 January 2011 Interest | Deposit £100.00 £500.00 10 January 2011 Principal | Deposit £400.00 £500.00 15 February 2011 Principal | Repayment (£100.
  3. Just out of interest, with regards to my above list - when working out a refund amount, do I take into consideration interest deferral, deposit or repayment and amounts in brackets does this mean money paid out ? so confused at the moment !!
  4. Loan Summary Original Term of Loan: 25 days (This is the term of your loan starting from the date the agreement was made through to the last payment date as provided in the agreement- any Changes will have been notified to you) Date of Initial Advance: 03/07/2009 Amount of Credit: £230.00 Total Amount Due: £287.50 AMOUNT BALANCE 03 July 2009 Principal | Deposit £230.00 £287.50 03 J
  5. I will try and upload the full list - may be a rather long post!
  6. Hi All QUICK UPDATE - I have received a statement of account from PDUK, is there a way of working out a rough idea of the amount possibly owed back, the info is 3 pages long and there are about 59 entries of interest deposit, repayment and de-ferrals - the loans ran from Jul 09 - Mar 12 ! Here is a short example of what I have received 13/05/2011 Principal | Deferral (£300.00) £500.00 15/06/2011 Interest | Deferral £100.00 £600.00 15/06/2011 Principal | Deferral £400.00 £600.00 15/06/2011 Interest | Deferral (£100.00) £600.00 15/06/2011 Principal | Deferral (£300.00) £
  7. Hi My bank statements probably would yes but I was looking for the easier option first before I trawled through them, because I had so many of them and it was a while ago its not fresh in my mind. although it nearly cost me my marriage so I will fight them ! thanks to everyone for the replies it really helps in this minefield !
  8. Great thank you - I have a feeling judging by their response computer says no! Wish they would have said no the first time I ever contacted them!
  9. Hi Thank you for the reply, I will log it as a formal complaint as you suggested, I can safely say I had many many other loans on the go at the time and it wasn't my first loan and i did roll over and over, how do I get accurate loan information as this particular one is not on my credit report ? Can I request it from them directly ? Thank you
  10. Hi all Hoping you may be able to help me, I was stupidly heavily in debt in 2011 with 16 different payday loan companies (all clear and debt free since then) , I am now in the process of emailing them all regarding irresponsible lending, so far I have had generic responses but nothing further at the moment. I have received this from 247 moneybox and would like some advice on how to respond - not shocked with the response to be honest! Dear.... Hope that you are well. Please find below a copy of our complaints procedure. We are aware that there are many forums and templated letter
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