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  1. Thanks for the advice. I thought it would be this way anyway so was prepared but the requests from the other side are fairly un-reasonable and thus makes me angry and not want to help the situation.
  2. Hello I bought 20 toys from someone on ebay. We arranged a sale outside of the auction site as I only wanted 20, rather than the 50 the seller was selling (as a bulk lot). They cost about £100. When they arrived, one toy was completely different to that of the agreed list. I notified the seller straight away and they said they would look at their stock and get back to me. They never did, I started a PayPal claim for £5. The seller then emailed me asking why £5, I said this was the price paid, divided by the amount of goods bought. The seller did no respond. Upon waiting for PayPal's time scale, I escalated it to a dispute for the full amount (£100). The seller did not respond, despite regular emails from PayPal to do so. After the time limit, PayPal awarded me the full amount refund. The seller has since contacted me and asked for me to "please pay for toys" I have not responded. Within days, they had begun finding me on Facebook, contacting me through ebay, and now finally they have written to me (recorded delivery). The seller has no interest in sorting it out in the beginning, which is why I applied for a full refund. i am still in possession of the toys sent. I originally said I was happy with the other toys (as I still am) and happy to receive a partial refund (of £5), why am I not re-paying? The seller had every opportunity to respond and help resolve the situation but didn't It is only since PayPal refunded that they are now fully into action. The details of the letter are: Stating they will be taking me to a small claims court (already threatened this by email/ebay messaging). Interesting that the CAB website states the usual (and reasonable) amount of time for this is a calendar month. The seller has given me 7 days from the date of the letter, so 6 days after I received it - not exactly "reasonable". Charging me postage for the letter they've written. £1 per day of interest, starting the day I received the full amount back. Charging me for any legal advice they may need to seek. Charging me for the cost of sending this to a small claims court. The seller states I proceeded "without notification" to make a claim for the full refund, when this is not true. The initial PayPal claim was for £5, but as this was ignored, I escalated it to the full amount. From what I can see, PayPal emailled the seller on numerous occasions. The timeline from PayPal is below: 26 Feb 2016 - Buyer: Dispute opened 26 Feb 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to buyer 26 Feb 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to seller 1 Mar 2016 - Buyer: Dispute opened 1 Mar 2016 - Buyer: Dispute escalated to claim 1 Mar 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to buyer 1 Mar 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to seller 8 Mar 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to seller 12 Mar 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to buyer 12 Mar 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to seller I have italiced the dates in which PayPal contacted the seller. What are my options now? I plan to respond, by letter (although I may email the letter instead) asking a number of questions as to why the seller did not bother to mediate when they had the chance - and even now, they have not asked me to repay the £95 - just going all out and telling me this and that. Sorry, I know it has been a long post.
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