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  1. Hello I have had a reply from parking eye rejecting mediation. they sent me a copy of the DQ but the court send me a sanctions order which says that the claimant is yet to return the DQ to them . What do you suggest my next line of action should be please? Thanks
  2. Thank you dx100uk If I don't get response from PE by Friday .. Should I include in my defence that I sent PE a CPR31.14 letter of discovery and had no response from them?
  3. Thank you ericsbrother I think I would just put my defence in now. Have you got a template I can use please?
  4. @ericsbrother thank you for the heads up. In the meantime , have you got a defence template I can modify please? @mark44 . I have not had any response from PE yet.
  5. @ericsbrother..Thank you for the heads up I have not sent my defence in yet as I am still awaiting PE's response to the CPR31.14 letter.. Have you got a defence template/format I can modify for use please?
  6. I have sent it off .. awaiting a reply from PE Will keep you posted.
  7. One more question .. is it advisable to hand deliver the letter myself as I go to Preston a lot which is where PE is based (based on the address on the claims form)
  8. Thank you. I will fire off the letter tomorrow and keep you posted on PE's response.
  9. @dx100uk Sorry .. misread your post at first. So is it ok for me to send it to ParkingEye once I remove the paragraph in your last post? Thanks
  10. Your name Your address Your postcode Date Claimants name Claimants address Claimants postcode Dear Sirs, Claim Number: XXXXXX Request for documents mentioned in a statement of case under CPR 31.14 On xx/xx/xxxx I received a County Court claim from yourselves of which I have acknowledged receipt indicating my intention to defend in full. To enable me to file my defence, I require inspection of documents you mention in your statement of case ahead of filing my defence on XX XXXX 201X. 1. Agreement / Contact with Landowner that assigns the right to enter into contracts and make claims in their own name 2. All CCTV from your system on the 27/06/2016 showing vehicle XXX from the time of entry 04:01:09 and time of exit 04:12:47 3. Copy of the letter of rejection to my appeal dated 29-07-2015 as no response was received from you. In accordance with CPR 31.15© I undertake to be responsible for your reasonable copying costs incurred in complying with this CPR 31.14 request. You should note that this claim has not yet been allocated to a specific track and the provisions of CPR 27(2) are of no effect. You should ensure compliance with your CPR 31 duties and ensure that the document(s) I have requested are copied to and received by me within 7 days of receiving this letter. If you require more time in which to comply with this request you must tell me in writing and confirm your agreement to an extension of the time allowed for me to file my defense as allowed under CPR 15.5 so I may notify the court. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely Your Name
  11. Thank you I will be going to the car park to take pictures on Thursday as I am currently working away . Meanwhile I have attached a draft copy of my CPR 31.14
  12. I have attached the claim form and parking charge notice The particulars of claims was included on the claim form (it was not separate) and it goes like this (word for word) "Claim for monies outstanding from the defendant, as registered keeper, in relation to a parking charge, issued 02/07/2015, for parking on private land in breach of the terms and conditions (the contract). ParkingEye's automated number plate recognition system, monitoring Seel Street, Liverpool, 62-74 Seel Street Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 4BH, captured vehicle (*REG No.*) entering and leaving the car park, parking without a valid parking ticket. The signage , clearly displayed at the entrance to and throughout the car park, states that this is private land, is managed by ParkingEye Ltd, and is a paid parking site, along with other T+C's by which those on site agree to be bound. In accordance with the T+C's set out in the signage , the Parking Charge becomes payable. Notice under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 has been given under Sch 4, making the keeper liable. This claim is in reference to Parking Charge(s) XXXX" Claim form and parking charge notice.pdf
  13. The particulars failed to mention the arrival and departure times arrival time - 04.01.09 departure time was 04.12.47
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