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  1. I have another quick question. The security guard asked what school I went to, I refused to tell him as I thought it was useless information, so that the police could email my school. The psco didn't ask even though the security guard said he would. Is it possible for them to find out what school I go to and for the police to email them?
  2. Lesson definitely learnt. No I didn't get any leaflets or any paperwork. He did say it was was a ban for life so I'm just wondering whether it really is for life or a certain amount of time? Thanks for your help again.
  3. Hi, I made the biggest mistake of my life and I'm not proud of what I have done. I'm under 16 and was caught shoplifting from Superdrug today. The two products were worth about £13. As I was walking out of the store with a friend, a security guard, who wasn't in uniform, stopped us and asked us to go into the back room. We went with him and was told to empty out our handbags. Both of the items were returned and my friend was let go but I had to stay. This was the first time I had ever shoplifted and been caught, also I had never been involved with the police before. The security guard took my details, called in a psco and notified my parents. He mentioned that was banned from all superdrug stores, when will it be safe to go into a superdrug store but not the one it happened in? When my dad arrived, the psco made me sign his notes and that was it, i was let go. I've been reading a couple of threads on here and a lot of of people received a letter from RLP saying to pay a fine, will I receive one of these letter? If I do should I pay it? I don't intend on doing it ever again, I'm just really worried about what's going to happen next. Thanks for any help.
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