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  1. Sent today I will keep you informed on what they say thanks for your help again
  2. What the same address as the letters in received from crs and the watchdog one
  3. I will do this next week as in working all weekend do you please have an address for Harlands never received a letter from Harlands themselves and just watched that video do they just send everyone the same letter an amount they want on that video I saw the exact same letter with the same amount they are asking for they are so frustrating Thanks for your help
  4. So what should I do how do I know what a no field agent is etc shock me up abit to be honest so what do I do from now??
  5. Slick I have recieved another letter saying they are dissapointed I did not reply to there previous letter they would like to reach an amicable resolution to this however if you fail to respond to this letter we he no option but to commence future action to recover monies owed the options are Header is legal action We will write a formal letter explaining what we are demanding an give you a final oppurtuinuty to pay reply If this failed to settle the matter we would issue proceedings against you in county court You could then either Make payement ending legal process or dispute
  6. Re: CRS Ref No: ********/ Xercise 4 Less Ref No: ****** We have been trying to contact you by letter and telephone regarding an important financial matter but have been unable to reach you. Please contact us as soon as possible on 01444 449165 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or provide us with an alternative number we can call you on. The matter is urgent, please do not ignore this. Yours sincerely, Lucy Thompson Collections Department Just recieved this by email guys what's my next move Thanks for the help
  7. They just phoned was it right to put the phone down?
  8. To be honest I haven't gotta clue what I'm doing the lady in the bank assured me to do this an yes it was March to October sorry about that oh god can I not go to bank an give em the money bank an they cancel the request? Slick where should I go from here?
  9. Update following the bank putting a request to get a refund 2 hour ago iv already got the refund what does this mean??
  10. 16th February 2014 I joined iv just rang and iv only used the gym once in that first month but there's no other records of this also the last payment came out on 30th October 2015 the day I cancelled an rang I'd say 2nd November ish Been to my bank also they've sent a request to get a refund for the monthly payments after the 12 month she said she has multiple people coming in about my local gym with the same story as me
  11. So I just continue to ignore and keep you posted??
  12. I do not know exactly when I joined the gym I know it was over two years ago should I ring the gym to find out? To be honest I might of used it once or twice in this period of time due to not liking how busy the gym was and the equipment there I understand I couldn't cancel my 12 month agreement she assured me it was exact date on the phone call is untraceable due to it been a pay as you go phone at the time in their letter they said they've sent me letters in the past which I never recieved? I know I'm not much help I didn't think I would need all these
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