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  1. Hi ericsbrother, Apologies for the delay in response, I have been away on holiday, and have returned to an intimidating Debt Recovery Plus letter demanding £160 or they will 'take me to court'. The set up of the parking is 4 car parks, 2 either side of the terraced houses. The approach road is owned by Bexley Council, and the car parks are owned by PCM. If you type da7 4na onto google maps, Mason Close Bexleyheath you'll be able to see the set up of the car park (haven't posted enough on this forum to post links). I understand there is not contractual obligation to pay this fine, however the wording in this letter is very intimidating. What would you suggest is best to do? Try liaising with PCM or the debt collectors and explain that again I have a permit?
  2. My mum only moved in two years ago, when there was no parking restrictions. This only came into play around 18 months ago. All householders, be it owned or rented, were given two free parking permits each, one for a "visitor" and given the option to by more for £10 each, as according to London and Quandrant their tenants had complained that there was no where to park. Apologies, I don't understand, are you saying I will have to go to court?
  3. Hi, We got our permits from London and Quadrant, who are the owners of the land. The managing agents are PCM. My mum is not a tenant but a home owner. Funnily enough we are at the end of terrace and L&Q or PCM placed one of their signs on our wall, to which my mum called them straight away to remove, as they had not asked for her permission! They also left the glue marks on the wall in the process, and thus damaged our property! With all this information, could you guide me to whether I have a good base to appeal again? Regards, The granddaughter in question
  4. Hello all, A friend has referred me to this website as I've got an issue with a PCM parking fine. We have a car park that requires permits to be displayed last week my car was issued with a parking fine outside my home. Unfortunately on this occasion I had forgotten to put my permit back up in the window and the next day the car was issued a fine. The permit is not stuck in my window as we transfer it between cars. I move the permit onto the car floor when driving as I cannot drive with the reflection of the permit on my dash in the windscreen. This is highly frustrating as it was a simple error made on my behalf, and I shouldn’t have to pay the fine when I have a permit and I parked outside my own property. When making an appeal to PCM - what would be the best approach? I made a genuine mistake and can prove I have a permit. Do you think this will be sufficient and could you provide further advise? Thank you in advance
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