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  1. Thanks - I am going to do just that. I will cover my bases and send a deferment to Erudio, SLC, AND Thesis. That way none of them can say I didn't apply!
  2. I thought that if I default on the loan and not make payments then it would go against my credit rating - does it not apply to countries outside the UK? My loan must be coming up for cancellation soon....wouldn't want to jeopardise that, either!!!
  3. No, not planning on coming back to the UK - have not lived there since leaving university in 2000! However, I would prefer to not get a bad credit rating if I have done nothing wrong! For all I know, I could already be in default if, indeed, part of my loan is owned by another company that I was not aware of and have never applied for deferment through!
  4. I am hoping someone here would be able to offer some insight on my loan deferral before I tear my hair out! I have loans from 97/98/99 - originally they were partly sold off to Thesis and then later to Erudio. I have deferred payments every year based on my income. For the past 2 years, I have submitted my deferment application to Erudio via email (I live in Canada and never receive paper correspondence on time - did not want to risk missing the deadline for deferment). I followed the same procedure this year as my deferment is due at the end of March. I received
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