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  1. Since September 2015 I have taken up a mobile phone contract with Vodafone. Since taking this up I received a phone call in October offering me Broadband. I told the advisor I cannot take this as the property I live in is my partners and he already has broadband set up. They then asked if they could email me information which I advised would be fine but I am not accepting the broadband. Within a week I received a card through the post advising I have a parcel to pick up. Curious to this I went to collect this parcel to find out it was a router Vodafone had sent me. They then sent me an email stating this would be activated and I would be charged for my first months broadband. I have persistently called Vodafone most calls I have screenshots where I have been on the phone for 30minutes upto 1hour 30 minutes long and have gotten nowhere with this situation being resolved. Then my partner called me to advise his broadband had been cut off because we were set up with Vodafone which we have not agreed to. I then called in December 2015 again at my wits end advising I wanted refunding and I wanted them to collect this router. They promised this would be done however I still have the router at home no sign of collection package which I was advised would be sent and still had no refund from Vodafone. The same incident has occurred with Spotify. In my contract it states that I will have Spotify included in my package so I would not get charged. I followed the steps to follow to set this up however I was charged every month £10.99 when calling in December 2015 I was advised I would have to start this again in January after the 26Th which I advised I would be happy to do as long as I was refunded the charge which again I was advised would happen and did not. I have tried to go into my local shop where the agent in the shop told me they wouldn’t be able to deal with this as I had to speak directly to them so I would have to keep calling. I am getting nowhere with this and being a severe sufferer of depression and anxiety I just want this to be sorted and the stress to end. Please, Please can you help or advise the best action to take? I also have logs of calls made and how long I was on the phone for. I have since visited the local store on 22/02/16 and was there for nearly an hour while a member of staff called there customer service line and again was promised that a collection bag would be sent and I will be refunded what I have been charged. Since October they have been charging me nearly £30 a month and they continue to charge me no collection bag has been sent and I feel I am getting nowhere and do not know where to turn to. Please please Help !! I want my money back and compensating for the stress and how long this has been going on for
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