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  1. It's more than a system transfer! They need a new customer representative system as they are incompetents and it's hard to resolve anything with any of them! No transparency and no one to talk to actually!
  2. Even this Lee guy here is a joke he is asking me a reference number which his own company doesn't provide on that form! Before asking me to do something for the 3rd and 4th time maybe you check to see if what you are asking is possible! Make sure your advice works first Lee!
  3. To be honest with you its is clear that the court action is my only hope as I lost simply too much in 3 months. 48hrs on the phone with Vodafone customer service that's 2 days of my life in a space of 3 months trying to explain a simple situation and no one cared to understand or even try to fix it! I lost a job opportunity as I was not contactable and I paid 2 bills on 1 number that is not possible right! So Vodafone needs to pay and even to this hour they don't seem to do anything about it but to continue to make my life hell by now going the extra mile to sabotage even O2!
  4. It's not I have been both in a Vodafone and an O2 shop. The sim is anO2 sim that is working fine.
  5. So Lee there is no reference! I tried! In 3 months since I have this nightmare I am terrified by Vodafone and the lack of will to be transparent, discuss matters with facts clearly and put things in writing! My phone worked briefly for 3 days or so in the O2 network in other words I was receiving calls as well but now Vodafone sabotaged it completely the number and erased it sabotaging O2! Now the number is dead. I can make calls from in the O2 network but when someone tries to call me the number is dead.
  6. There is no automated reply reference number in the subject line. Honestly I checked trice.
  7. Sent them a letter but delivery signature is 15£ and I didn't do that, however I paid 4£ so the letter is tracked and Royal Mail can prove it was delivered 3 weeks ago.
  8. I sent an email now naming it Formal Complaint! I am prepared to sue, I am just waiting to see what this forum can help me with as well as the ombudsman and then I will go ahead and sue if there is no resolution!
  9. I did exactly that! Followed all the instructions above. They no longer give you a reference number! What can I do next? Classical Vodafone so you can't have any evidence.
  10. What should I do next? It's a horrible experience!
  11. Hi yes done the form u suggested. This is the message I got so they haven't given me a reference number: 'Thank you for your email, we'll be in touch We've received your email and in most cases we'll answer within 48 hours. In the meantime, these pages can answer most questions you may have: The Vodafone Support section answers hundreds of queries ranging from price plans, using your phone at home and abroad and our exciting range of entertainment packs. Looking to upgrade your phone? Our Vodafone eForum lets you discuss the technical aspects of our products, services and the mobile world at large. If your phone has been lost or stolen please call us straight away on the numbers below for a bar to be placed on your account.'
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