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  1. Morning Slick Unfortunately that will be a no, I franked it from work so it went with their mail. I'm totally happy to ignore them and will definitely post any other communications. My son will definitely not be going back, he's going to start to go to my gym and guess who does the credit for them......Harlands lol but you can pay upfront which I will be doing. Thanks again, a massive help as always. Have a fab weekend Hoody
  2. Hey That will be an oopsie. I just didn't have time to take it so I posted it.
  3. Morning Slick Just and update to what has happened since my last post. No replay has been received from the Gym. Harlands emailed with an offer (as a gesture of goodwill) to take off one of their fees. CRS sent a letter requesting the full years membership including their fees. I did not reply to either. I have now received this threatening letter from CRS. Following our initial letter, we are disappointed that your account with Springslite is still in arrears and our fee has not been paid. We would still like to reach an amicable resolution to this, however, if you fail to respond to this letter, we will have no option but to commence further action to recover the monies owed. The options available to us are: 1. LEGAL ACTION We believe you are in breach of a legally binding contract with Springslite because you have not paid your membership and our fees. We may pursue a claim under this contract through the Courts. If we do so the following process will apply. 1. We will write a formal letter explaining what we are demanding and give you a final opportunity to pay/reply. 2. If this failed to settle the matter we would issue proceedings against you in the County Court. 3. You could either then: a) make payment ending the legal process, or b) dispute some, or all, of the amount was owed. 4. If you dispute the amount that was owed the Court process would continue, at the end of which the Court would make a decision on our claim. 5. A strict Court imposed timescale will apply in relation to the Court process. Were we to be successful in our claim, or if you ignore the claim, a County Court Judgement (CCJ) may be registered against you requiring you to make payment. You may also be liable for our costs of pursuing legal action and interest on the amount owed. If you then fail to pay the amount covered by the CCJ we would take the next steps required to enforce the judgement. To do this we would make an application to the Court. 2. OUTSOURCE TO EXTERNAL AGENTS Your account would be passed to another Collection Agency who will take further action to recover monies owed. The above is word for word. This company is a total disgrace. My son has not been back to this gym since 22nd March. Since the gym have sort of barred my son from the gym have they not breached their since of the so called legal contract. Also my son is no longer working and receives no benefits, so good luck to them getting money out of him, I cant even get board!!! Where do you suggest I go from here. Thanks Hoody
  4. Hi there I wonder if any one can give me aliitle advise, because the IR scare me a little. My husband is self employed and I do his accounts & tax return. I always submit his tax return at the very start of the tax year and with him being part of the CIS scheme he always pays to much tax and always get his refund within 4 weeks. Back in January we received a letter from the IR with regards to his 14/15 tax return, they stated there was a CIS mis-match, which is the case every year as our accounts are on cash accounting and our year year is the 31st March. So becasue of this they wanted an explanation and paper work and also detailed breakdowns and copies of all figures declared on the tax return. What a nightmare, as he is a small sole trader he still has an awful lot of paperowkr for the year. Anyway I sent them through the explanation of why the mis-match occured and copy remits. I also sent them an itemised breakdown of all the figures (expenses) on the tax return. A few weeks later another letter came, obviously what I sent expenses wise what not good enough and wanted copies of absolutely everything, full years bank statement, fuel invoices, purchase invoices and so on. This was basically a full lever arch file, so with not having the time or resources to copy this I ended up sending all original through to them with the additional information they required (which cost me nearly £16). So going forward I submitted 15/16 return on 6th April which the calculation stated my husband had made an over payment of over £10,000. It states an overpayment is normally made within 2 weeks but not to contact them until 4 weeks. Well 4 weeks is here and my husband has rang them and the payment is getting with held because of the previous years equiry. I feel I have been very helpful in the aid of their enquiry but just dont trust them. I feel they are goind to look for errors which I only declare actual figures used for the business but some questions they were asking me were ridiculous, ie mobile phone contract? mileage (which we dont keep as the vehicles used for the business are just for the business) MOTS. Hope you can make head & tails of this, I would appreciate anyone help & guidance. Thanks Hoody x
  5. Hi Slick Ok I will wait for the gyms response and yes it was just a copy of the letter from my original post. Thanks again
  6. Morning Slick Well I did what you said, so an update for you. Yesterday I received an email from Harlands " how can we help you regarding this membership". I emailed straight back attaching another copy of letter, saying a letter was originally sent to you outlining my concerns and offer. Anyway last night my son went to the gym and was pulled over by a member of staff saying a note had been put on the system stating there was payment issues and that he had to contact Harlands to sort it before he went back. Banging my head against the wall, what do you recommend? Thanks
  7. Hi all, my husband has held a Barclays business account for about 7 years now. The charges over that time are ridiculous. Every time he was getting a charge of £35 per failed dd. I have now noticed they have reduced that to £8. Since this massive reduction I assume they have realised how unfair this charge was. Do you think I could apply for these charges to be reimbursed? Even though it's a business account. Thanks
  8. Good morning Slick132 Thanks again for your advice. Suprise, suprise... I have this morning received and email from Harlands customers services acknowledging my query and advised that they are looking into it and will get back to me. Do you think I should give them at least a chance to sort this to my satisfaction or continue with the gym letter? Thanks
  9. Hi there No there has been no new dd set. Ideally he still wants to go to that gym as he enjoys it there and all his friends go. I really appreciate your advice and help.
  10. Hi, my son has still be going to the gym as they are still accruing the monthly fees in advance. Apparently he can't cancel as the membership is for 12 months. The email I have sent them I have offered to pay the outstanding fees and reinstate the dd but I am not willing to pay the charges
  11. Yeah that's correct, the details originally given did not support dd's. We didn't realise this, just assumed with it having a sort code & account number it would be fine.
  12. Hi there Thanks for that advice it helps a lot. The gym is springs in Kingston park Newcastle upon Tyne. He joined around the 5th jan and did it at the gym on their computer and no he did not receive a confirmation either by post or email. Thanks
  13. Hi I did mention a copy of the contract terms and conditions and they told me when applying online before completing the form you have to agree to the terms and conditions which a set out online. I did however go on myself to sign up and at the very end in small writing there is a tick box to agree and link to the terms and conditions which is quite lengthy. I also asked why no confirmation was sent out outlying the cooling off period to be told its in the terms and conditions.
  14. Hi, thanks for that. No he is 19 I looked into this all last night as I was so annoyed and have emailed them a letter complaining. They don't come across as a professional company as when I ring it takes about 20 mins for them to answer and when I asked to speak to a manager, there wasn't one. Also the letterheads they send are copies. What else can I do?
  15. Hi All, can anyone give me some advise please. my son took out a gym membership through Harlands. He completed the membership at the gym using their computer and was not giving any contract / confirmation to take away. Harlands advised him by letter that the bank account given did not support DD. Harland office is only open 9 - 5 and as my son works he is not at home during them hours. I rang them a few weeks later to give them another bank account but they would not entertain me as it was not my account but advised that they would email him to get his authorisation for me to tall to them, which they didn't. Since then he has been to the gym and give them the correct details but they obviously haven't passed them on. he has now received two lots of charges for £20 each I can only assume is a penalty as it cant be for returned or failed DD. I got my son home early yesterday so I could ring them again and after holding for 20 minutes I spoke to guy who was very unhelpful and could not actually tell me what these charges where actually for apart from admin & overheads. They are now threatening with debt recovery to recover the full years fees. Can they actually do this? This charge is excessive & unfair. Thanks
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