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  1. My father redid his Will last year amending the amount to his wife. He also made it clear in the Will the reason he was only leaving her the sum he was (due to not seeing each other for several years and her not being dependent etc and that the amount is worth a lot of money in Cuba etc.). I was of the opinion I needed the marriage certificate as part of the paperwork but I'll be over the moon if I'm wrong. I only say this because my friend had to prove her father's death etc. when her mother died, being the spouse - or is that maybe the case because he had died rather than if he was
  2. I spoke to a solicitor and he said there's no way round it - although there may be if it's outside the UK - not sure. My friend lost her mother and couldn't get probate without her late father's birth and death certificate - they were insistent (the Probate Registry that is) - do you think probate is possible without the marriage certificate? That would take a load off my mind if it is! Thank you for answering. Kxxx
  3. Sorry if this isn't the place but I couldn't find an appropriate sub-forum. I have a very frustrating problem at the moment and I wonder if anyone can help. My father recently died and my brother and I are joint executors of his Will, together with being the main beneficiaries. In 2006-2008 my father went to Cuba on holiday on a few occasions and on one of his trips married a Cuban. She never moved to the UK and he never moved to Cuba – it was more a marriage of convenience for my father to be able to visit without problems with immigration out there. My father ha
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