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  1. Thank you very much This was very helpful and I have seen the way you reply to people with the same issue Very grateful for this!
  2. Why exactly should my one line contain and should I send it through the email address that was given to me on the letter?
  3. Thank you for replying Yes my parents know I told them immediately as I wanted them to know as soon as instead of having to bail me out if push ever came to shove I have read through many forums and ignoring seems to be the go to solution Butkus guess it would put me at ease if I knew exactly how that process would work and what I should be worried for ins worst case scenario
  4. To briefly explain the situation, at the time of the incident I was 16 and tried to shoplift items which combined to a total of £50. I was brought to the back of the store and was detained for around 30 minutes (most of this time was spent waiting for police officers to turn up and take action). I signed a year ban agreement, and my passport that I happened to have was scanned and I gave them my general details in order to avoid being accused of a lack of cooperation Police arrived and decided to not arrest me or escort me to my house. I was escorted of the premises and was let to go with a slap on the wrist and I thought this was the end of it These events occurred on the 26th of November 2015 5 months later (yes FIVE months later) I received a letter from RLP saying I need to pay "associated security and administration costs", totalling at £149.50. I have read through the many forums but haven't seen enough to know whether or not I should pay or try and tackle the situation. What I mainly see is "ignore" or write them a one line letter If possible could somebody please write something word for word that could be sent or a step by step plan of action. What legal action could be taken against me? Can RLP sue me or take me to court? Will ignoring them actually make the problem go away? Anything would help but I don't want to risk my fine increasing as I am unemployed and my parents are not willing to pay such a substantial amount of money. Thank you very much
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