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  1. I emailed their previous response to Mandy bent asking if if she was for real... Default now removed! Dear Mr XXXXXX Thank you for your email in relation to your historic account with MYJAR. As MYJAR’s Group Compliance Officer, I am responding to the further communication you sent to our complaints team today and cc’d Mandy Bent. I have looked at your complaint and the response we have provided, below is additional information, which I hope will clearly articulate the outcome of the complaints team investigation. During the first half of 2014, MYJAR started using Credit
  2. Look at this response from Myjar, 2010 loan defaulted 4 years late. We write to advise you that we are now in a position to provide you with our final response. We take all complaints very seriously and we are grateful to you for having taken the trouble to raise this matter with us. We will use the information you have provided to try and prevent similar issues arising in the future. As you are not contacting us from your registered email address, please let us know if you wish us to update your account with this new email address. If you do not wish to update your email details,
  3. I don't think so renegadimp, ok so they default me in june 2016. The FOS & ICO are both pretty much useless, both claiming that they can issue a default notice. The ICO after 45 days still stating that they are too busy.. . At no stage would they agree to remove the default. The FOS was going to ask them to change the date by 12 months, not really much use. Currently in the process of selling my house and a June 2016 default kills my mortgage outlook. I decided to create as much noise and go for "its best all round " tactic, cost me £300, £25 on moneyclaim.
  4. Hi Everyone, whilst waiting for the ICO & FOS to get involved I lost patience and started a money claim online. I started the claim for £300 and this cost me £25. The ICO was just too busy to pick up and the FOS was asking random questions that IMO didn't seem relevant. The FOS did say that they should change the date of the default to within 6 months of my last missed payment. They would not agree that they couldn't issue a default, stating that if the owned the debt they had the right, I disagree. I emailed the CEO of MMF and explained the background, I requeste
  5. I would like her MMF email address If anyone has it
  6. Just had the FOS on the phone, they are gathering information. They have stated that MMF can issue a default notice if the OC didn't enter one however the date of default should be within 6 months of the account being overdue and not nearly 3 years later. they have asked for my bank statements for Nov 2013 when the claimed payday loan was issued and my full credit file in PDF, it cannot be a screen shot, must be full credit file. I find this a little strange.
  7. I am really inpatient with these Muppets now, can any one help me with a particulars of claim and ill start a money claim online.
  8. more tripe by email: Dear Mr #######, Thank you for your recent email. We can confirm that the information confirmed within our response is correct and MMF hold the right to register the default as we are legal owners of the account. The information provided in our previous email was our final response and if you still remain unhappy, you now have the right to raise this complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service. Alternatively, please feel free to contact our customer service department via customerservice@mmile.com or call us on 0113 887 6876 to discus
  9. sent it to the address on the website, the Nottingham, address for head office.
  10. good luck Cruz, KPI is a key performance indicator, basically a target that sets level of bonus pay
  11. I just drafted a standard letter, I stated that I would wait 14 days then I would go on moneyclaim and start county court action. I also said that I wanted to avoid another FOS complaint and it was better for us both to avoid the costs of court. 14 days passed and I had no response, I phoned them to clarify if it was accepted or rejected and stated that I wouldn't discuss anything other than this. They said it was with the short settlement team and the woman was on holiday. They told me to email the letter to DCA@CATTLES.CO.UK. Within 24 hours I had settlement approved just had to get
  12. Just to update my thread. I sent Welcome another complaint about my account, I listed the 4k of charges and complained of irresponsible lending on the first re-write (the re-write I was aware of) on the basis that they shouldn't have increased my credit when I had been missing payments. The balance on my secured account is just under 14K, I also had an HP agreement with added PPI, charges etc with a balance of 16K. They cannot supply CCA's for either account. In my letter I made a Goodwill offer of 4K to clear both accounts and the removal of the secured Charge. I
  13. I did speak to the ICO. They said they cannot comment on "if a DCA was allowed to register a default", all they could say is that if the data was incorrect I had a right to it being reported accurately. They said that a case worker will be in touch to obtain further details. Hopefully if 10% of the people that have complained on various forums also complain to the ICO then this shower of..... will get what they deserve. regards Baggies
  14. Thank you fkofilee, I will be patient and await a response from the ICO. I wont phone motormouth again, they said they wouldn't remove the default even if I paid in full. Thanks for the info on CG, saves wasting the £10 if I don't get anything back. I will speak with the ICO at 9am and ask them what their stance on it is and update on here.
  15. Sorry DX I have confused you, when I said I had called them I meant motormile, its them that said they could register it being the legal owner
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