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  1. Thanks for the reply - unfortunately I do want the item back too. But I am glad to know I can sue them in a Scots court. Fone Angels has a terrible reputation for this kind of thing. I just wish I'd known about this before I paid them any money and sent them my tablet.
  2. I am based in Scotland. I broke my Samsung Tablet in a fall and arranged online with an English company - Fone Angels - for its repair. I paid them £200 by PayPal and sent them the item. I was informed the repair would take 7-14 days. This was in December. It's now March 13th. Their customer serve phone line take you through to a recorded message and does not itself record incoming calls. When I try to email them, I receive vague and non-specific information about my item. I wish to raise an action in the small claims court for the return of the item and the funds I have sent them. My question is: do I raise an action in the small claims court of Edinburgh (where I am and where I made the contract) or in Rickmansworth (where this company is based?)
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