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  1. Hi Guys just to let everyone know that nothing from Vodafone is resolved, No one has called, no action taken place or effort made to resolve the dispute. . letter to Ombudsman submitted. cant hide disappointment. this is simply bullying.
  2. Thank you got the advise I will surely look into this too. I have already written with all proof to the ombudsman
  3. Lee All documents you have asked from me are already sent to your customer care team. The message copy and the ticket details. Can you check the records and also check that on 3 occasions your team including the local Vodafone shop have agreed that charges were incorrect and will be refunded in full and gone back on that
  4. issue has not been resolved. i have been offered again a £200 goodwill discount which I have refused as i am not begging them for a goodwill discount this bill was wrongly charged.
  5. Dear Lee I am not begging Vodafone here for any goodwill discount. This bill is wrongly charged and I have enough proofs of that. I can't stay with Vodafone if this is not done and will take this to court if these charges are not refunded. I have been confirmed on 3 occasions that these were a mistake and will be refunded in full including at the local shop. This is not done. Poonam
  6. I got a message for a phone call today but I saw it after as I was on another call. The number also came up as fraud on my phone so I wasn't sure. Issue still unresolved
  7. i am waiting on a response. I also have a message from 1st June 2015 confirming both Dubai and China was a part of my world traveller package
  8. The amount was taken off the account and has been paid as I have a direct debit. Account is not suspended. The world traveller was very much on and subscribed to, no confusion there at all.
  9. Vodafone Charged me extra in November £896.80 Invoice number: B3-124148244 after several calls and confirming 3 times that the £896.80 will be refunded and we should call back for getting this credited to our account. We were asked to go the store to get the phone checked and the store in Greenock also confirmed that these charges were to be refunded. Every time we called back to claim the amount we were told the charges have been under investigation. This chasing has now gone on for last 5 months and we are coming to a conclusion to write to Ombudsman and take this to small court claim. However, today i finally managed to speak to senior Manager Jodie who was patient and understood the situation but only offered GBP 200 as goodwill which I have refused as i firmly believe these charges were incurred due to system error of Vodafone. I have been promised several calls before but nothing happened. Now to see if this one comes. I was given Call reference number 1-4F4YRHZ8 and amount in dispute is £896.80 These charges have been incurred in UAE and China which were both part of World Traveler. This needs to be resolved with some common sense and money needs to be refunded immediately. WRT135
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