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  1. Thanks for the good advice. I will contact my home insurance and ask them the question. I think most cleaners would not have insurance. Were I live in London most cleaners are from Eastern Europe. Do you know how much it costs to do a CRB check on someone?
  2. Hi, I plan to hire a cleaner and was wondering if there are any legal considerations I should know or bear in mind about as I have not hired a cleaner before? 1) Do I or should I give the cleaner a contract to sign? 2) I presume I give the cleaner a set of keys to my house. I do feel a little nervous about doing that but I guess that would be most convenient for both parties. Many thanks!
  3. In July 2015. Yes, I agree with you and am looking for an experience plumber at the moment to carry out an assessment. Okay, will post back when the assessment has been done. Thanks!
  4. Hi, After a full house renovation (including a loft conversion, new heating and hot water system) that has taken many months, my family and I moved back in just before the Easter Bank holiday. Unfortunately there is a major a problem. When I turn on the kitchen sink tap it takes over 3minutes before the water becomes hot enough to wash the dishes. In that time I have filled large kitchen sink which I have to drain away and refill with hot water. I now use the kettle to heat the water to wash up. All of my taps are affected (I have 3 bathrooms and a WC room on the ground floor). I now
  5. Hi, Just wanted to let you know what happened. I replied back to the Solicitor to let him know that judgment had already been issued and asked him to advise the sprinkler company to pay. He wrote back requesting for additional time for him to take instructions from the sprinkler company and warned that they wanted to appeal the court's decision. I replied back agreeing to give the Solicitor an additional week and also gave him the details of what happened, from my point of view, and the evidence I had and again asked him to advise the sprinkler company to pay. A few days later the Soli
  6. Great, thank you so much Andy for your help! Shall I come back to let you know how it pans out?
  7. Ah, I see Andy. I've given them to the 22nd March to pay. If I don't hear from them to ask for my bank details by this date I can technically on the 23rd March apply for a warrant to enforce the judgment?
  8. So the judgment was issued on the 9th March so they need to wait 19 calendar days from this date before they can request for the judgment to be set a side?
  9. So shall I reply to say I don't agree. It then sounds like from your reply that they will put in an application for the judgment to be set a side, is that correct? In my Judgment form I requested to be paid by the 22nd March 2016. Am I correct in my thinking below? If that is the case they will complete the set a side form and submit their evidence to the Judge for him/her to decide whether or not to grant this request. If the Judge decides their evidence is not strong enough then the default judgment will still prevail and they need to pay immediately as it would be after the 22
  10. Hi Andy, Thank you so much for your quick reply. What if I don't agree to this request? I am just thinking why should I helpful considering the lack of response I've received from them since the leak happened that they caused.
  11. Hi, As part of a house renovation I had to have a sprinkler installed in my house to comply with Building Regs. I contracted a sprinkler company to do this in June 2015. They told me it would be installed as I neared the end of my renovation so it was done on the 30th November 2015. Unfortunately the following morning after the installation I came into the house (we are not living on site) to find water on my kitchen floor (their pipe connection to the mains water was under my kitchen sink) and in half of my living room (open plan room). I immediately c
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