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  1. A big thank you for all your responses. I have been to see the ASDA customer services manager today and they have cancelled the parking charge direct. Apparently the have an in-store system for this and I got the sense they do quite a few. I only wish I had done this first rather than deal with the appeals through Smart Parking and POPLA neither of which used any common sense. I presumed ASDA would say they had no connection to the provider but they were extremely helpful and in hindsight I should have started there and saved myself a lot of inconvenience and annoyance. thanks again for all your help
  2. Should I try ASDA even at this late stage? I have no proof of two visits, just an entry on my bank account for the following day which I assume is the debit card transaction from the previous evening but have no receipts or anything. My husband would have paid by cash when he went in the morning so nothing to back that up. I am just frustrated that no common sense was applied by Smart Parking or POPLA but looking at some of the comments on the forum this is not uncommon
  3. Definitely Smart Parking. Thanks. We were surprised that POPLA referred to me visiting twice but still said that I cannot overstay, completely missing the point that I didn't overstay. I guess they have so many to deal with they get a bit blind to the detail but that doesn't help the honest motorist who seems to be guilty until proved innocent
  4. The company was Smart Parking, is that the same as Parking Eye? If not apologies. Should I get a solicitor to write a letter asking for all of the cars recorded on that day? They said they checked any similar numbers but found none. How many similar cases are there. They said they don't need to show CCTV of me actually parked there all day as they just use ANPR. Can you suggest how we can get this dropped before having to attend court to hopefully be heard by someone with common sense?
  5. Last September I got a parking notice from Parking Eye saying I had overstayed in our local ASDA, entering at 8.30am and leaving at around 7pm. I was at work that day and as it was already a couple of weeks since the alleged offence we worked out that my husband dropped me at work and then went to ASDA and that I returned there in the evening after being collected from work. I only work a mile from home and ASDA is a mile in the opposite direction. We advised Parking Eye that a mistake must have been made but they stated they only have the one picture of the car entering and leaving, nothing in between times. We appealed to POPLA hoping someone with common sense would see there is no reason for me to overstay. I have lived close to this ASDA for 23 years, am well aware of the parking restrictions that have been in force over the years but whilst POPLA stated that I had said I had visited twice in one day that I still could not overstay. The whole idea is that I didn't overstay, the recording of the entry/exit was wrong and that there is another out and another in photo which they conveniently say does not exist. Has anyone else had any similar issues with the ANPR only recording one in and one out rather than all multiple visits? I now have debt recovery letter but will not pay on principle as I did not overstay, the recording is obviously flawed so needs sorting.
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