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  1. potential costs of losing the case, council taxpayers and leaseholders being charged for services not delivered, council witnesses lying in court.
  2. Hi I tried the local police, 101, and then action against fraud (online), but it takes 8 weeks for the info to filter up. It seems there is no way to get to CID officers directly from all of these channels, which is a pain because they may be dropping charges through lack of evidence :/ The journalist who posted the story is on leave for another 3 weeks (I emailedl him and got his autoresponder). b.
  3. Hi forum, a quick question to start off on what has become a massive issue for me, (with Judicial Review potentially the only way out). Is the legal department of a local council duty bound to disclose evidence of clear fraud I have submitted in course of a legal dispute to the Police who were investigating their housing department at the same time, )arresting at least one member of staff for fraud). are they "public officers" in a wide sense - and therefore upholdable to a different standard were they to be a private landlord prosecuting a section.20 invoice bill).
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