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  1. i took it to the ombudsman, they accepted the case today vodafone sent me a letter because the line has still been used saying they want £260 ( as ive not paid the bill since the dispute ) theyre saying i can get the £360 back as long as they can deduct £260 for the remaining balance as the usage has been used, i stated i will let the ombudsman deal with it as i dont believe im liable due to their neglect
  2. Well i wrote to vodafone directors again and they sent me another letter asking to to accept £100 and telling me the account is still in deadlock. I have emailed them twice now to ask for FULL logs of every outgoing and incoming CALL + SMS to support my courtcase in which they have failed to reply. Dont they HAVE TO provide me with these details? As i know for sure they will support my case in court to prove no subscription was ever undertaken which in my eyes would be a clear ruling in my favour and mean that they are at fault for allowing the money to be taken from the account.
  3. No thanks for the input but nothing was ever subscribed to. Ive asked vodafone now to provide a log of ALL ingoing and outgoing SMS and CALLS from Aug 2015 to Jan 2016 Then its most surely going to court
  4. Vodafone just responded, I believe if theyre offering £100 theyre kind of admitting liability?
  5. So as such i could prepare a written statement for her or even stand as her representation correct?
  6. Im about to make a claim on the gov website to take them to small claims court. The mobile phone contract is in my partners name although she isnt very good with all of this, And i am also on the account as an authorized party and im the 1 who has paid the bill. So the question is can I take them to court or does it have to be my partner? as im the 1 with all the evidence, All the correspondance and the 1 that paid the bills and like i said im an authorized party on the phone account
  7. Damn i think the guides on amazon il get it from there for now and begin proceedings and preparing a case because i wont be letting this go. Can i make a claim for compensation also or just total costs ?
  8. PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller's website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem. PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller's website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem. Do you accept Bitcoin?
  9. Just wondering where do i purchase the guide to taking them to small claims court. I want to do everything correctly
  10. So an update on the situation Miragame responded : Vodafone directors office responded but then asked me again for my mobile number and then failed to respond, I have sent them a final demand for communication before i proceed to use the consumeractiongroup guide to taking them to small claims court.
  11. No the number wasnt recycled. Its a pain as we moved it from Payg to Paym then they put it as " business" i had to call 3 times to explain we are not a business then finally they changed it. They just messed us up over & over to be honest. Ive ended up getting my partner a new line on EE, But its funny, Im still chasing the £360, They placed the acc in deadlock we didnt pay no bills since but yet theyve kept the line active
  12. Much helpful i will attempt contact with these people
  13. Thanks but it wont allow me to view them i dont know why
  14. Yes thats their final response - Dead Lock no more will be done on the issue. Phonepayplus gave me a final response as posted above MiraGame just plainly dont care about anything just some crappy chinese company But the thing is what i do or where i go from here is a total mystery.
  15. After extensive conversations they decided to place the account in " Deadlock " as i wouldnt accept £100 refund.
  16. I have alot of email correspondence and also my 1st protocol was to send Vodafone a letter but they responded with something totally unrelated to my complaint they didn't understand it seems but i have copies of everything so if court action is required i think this will be what happens. Then il be seeking the £360 + bank charges + compensation for the time consuming process and the distress caused by them
  17. Ive just sent MiraGame an email telling them to take it as an official complaint and to provide all information they can regarding the mobile number in question.
  18. MiraGame do not wish to be involved they told me they no longer use SMS billing and just generally dont seem intrested. My last email to them was ignored. So it looks like Vodafone is my only option
  19. Well i found some emails on here yesterday and submitted this thread to the vodafone directors to take a look. Out of 8 email addresses 1 director has replied so im hoping to gain some kind of resolution from this. I will be taking the next step of asking for a FULL statement of ingoing and outgoing SMS / CALL logs though as if this doesnt reach a resolution i believe i can take this to small claims court. The fact Vodafone have already offered me £100 refund and havent even disconnected the phone line which remains unpaid tells me that they know they are responsible. But i will wait for the outcome from 1 of the directors and hopefully they will finally be able to assist me, Not that i expect anything to come of it since everytime i do it goes to a dead end.
  20. We did query it but whilst the query was in progress in around Nov time the bill came in and then again in december they were still taking the money. At which case we cancelled the direct debit as it was causing us to go overdrawn.
  21. Great post, Agree totally but this isnt the case. The phone was an iphone, Had a lock on it so no one else could use it. I can GUARANTEE we never responded ever to any kind of subscription messages. MiraGames is some company to do with virtual life or something ive done all the research. So this is where vodafone can not try and put the blame on us as we have never responded with any responses to say " YES " or "Y" to any of these companies. So i dont know how they can just do this without our authorization
  22. I would say that too, But they say they didnt take the payment, Even though phonepayplus confirm they receive a % of the profits. Anyone can shed light on this and help be much appreciated because im tired with it
  23. Well nobody wants to accept liabilty nor refund any money even though ive had numerous customer service advisors state i would be refunded. I just dont know where to turn anymore.
  24. They were 3 x £30 amounts taken per month from my vodafone account So it would display MiraGames - £30.00 3 times per monthly statement Then vodafone would take the direct debit from my bank at the end of the month. I actually cancelled the direct debit in december when they continued to bill me for these messages Im just stuck now and dont have a clue what to do as nobody wants to accept liability ive even told vodafone to check my outgoing messages to prove a subscription was never activated.
  25. Im looking for advice on what i can do next as im lost and just going round in circles. In october we noticed that for a £20.00 Sim only deal with vodafone the bills were coming in considerably high and occured a few bank charges because of this, We then proceeded to ask Vodafone to supply a full itemised bill so this could be investigated. It turns out that 3 x £30 were been taken from the account per month from September 2015 to December 2015 by a company using premium rate messages by the name of MiraGames. We began to query this with vodafone and was promised a full investigation would go ahead. So over the coming weeks we called & called with many mixed responses. Some would say they were passing it to a more senior manager, Some were saying its tough its your own fault. We then finally got a response in January to say they would offer us £100 back of the £360 we were owed. I stated that i will not be accepting anything less than the FULL amount as this was no fault of ours and we had never opted into any subscription service nor did we know this company. So then we were told to contact payphoneplus, In which we did but again just taken round in circles with the whole thing - Receiving this email quoted as a final reply; by this point it gets very frustrating. we then went on to contact the ombudsman who deals with vodafone, Only to be told they cannot deal with this matter. What do i do? How do i go about getting back this money? Ive posted on Miragame forum, Ive emailed them , ive emailed payphoneplus and ive contacted the ombudsman but nobody seems to want to help. I refuse to give up, I do not wish to lose £360 of my hard earned money and do not believe they should be able to just ignore me as such. When i 1st placed my claim i was assured by a couple of advisors i would receive a full refund. Please help me if you can Thanks
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