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  1. Is this being read by the vodafone rep? Thanks for your reply guys, they're literally phoning and leaving an automated message everyday! Although vodafone definitely say i don't owe them anything, so confusing!
  2. Hi everyone. I posted a couple of months ago after owing a month or twos contract payments to Vodafone. Managed to get everything sorted out and im now back in a job, as of next week I should be ok to start getting everything back in order. But, alas, after paying another £80 to Vodafone for the current month and preceding months charges, I began getting texts and calls every morning between 10 and 11 am. It's a real pain and I've phoned Vodafone to ask if I owe anything more, to which they assured me I didn't. I said that Fredeicksons were bugging me but they said they shouldn't be in contact with me as I don't owe any money. Any idea what to do next? I was told last time to completely ignore them, and I can continue to do that but it concerns me they may never stop. Thanks in advance!
  3. THanks to everyone for all the replies. Paid and now the texts seem to have stopped, so i think its all good. Thanks for your help to all the replies, and Lee!
  4. Hey everyone thanks for the replies. Went to my mums and found a letter dated 5 days ago, so its obviously arrived very recently. Says if i dont pay what i owe vodafone before the 18th then my contract will be terminated and i will incur fees for early termination as well as owing the rest of my contract. But it SEEMS that if i pay the remaining £20 that should be the end of it. You reckon?
  5. Hi there, apologies if ive posted in the wrong place, as im new to the site. Im only 21 and quit my job just before Christmas, for about the last 2 and a half months i have been disconnected from Vodafone service due to me having no income. This is my own fault and the monthly payments have stacked up meaning i owe £120 in total. Two days ago i paid off £100 of the debt and plan to pay the last £20 today, this morning i received a text message from Fredrickson International instructing me to sign up on fredpay or contact them immediately on a number. I have read a few threads on here i'm not entirely sure as to what my next move should be. I phoned vodafone without mentioning the text from Fredrickson and they said my remaining debt on the account was £20, making it seem like i dont owe any extra fee's and what not. I live with my dad mostly but i am registered at my mums old house, so whether or not they have been sending letters i cant confirm, i will go and check tonight. But as far as im aware this is the first contact between me and them. Reading how far some of these threads go im somewhat concerned somehow theyre going to turn up at my house or something, as im a fairly anxious person. My main hope is that once the vodafone debt of £20 is cleared i will hear no more from them, but im not entirely sure. Can anyone shed some light on the situation? Thanks in advance, Laurie
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