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  1. I only recently had an issue with an ASUS netbook. The darn thing got returned 3 times, for exactly the same fault. The track pad would randomly stop working, and the touch screen would have "ghost" inputs quite often. The issues started near on straight away, but due to moving we didnt get it resolved before CPCW's initial deadline so had to go back to ASUS. Wasn't all that impressed by having to go to manufacturers themselves, but could not be bothered with the hassle of a confrontation at an already stressful time. This is definitely not normal practice for me, I am usually
  2. No I did not, I had done some research, but not enough to know about sending the VT letter stating section 90. All correspondence, except the VT statement from them was done via email and clearly states the VT right being excerised. There was never any voluntary surrender discussed by us.
  3. £453.81 left to pay according to the letter sent, 2366 paid according to credit report.
  4. Hello, I recently VT'd my car with advantage finance. I got in touch with them regarding it, after which they sent me a letter with the outstanding amount available. The letter was dated 01/02/16, and it stated that I needed to return the car within 21 days in order for the letter/sums to still be valid. The car was returned to their "drop off" point (transportation company) on the 22/02/16. I am still to date waiting for them to complete their "inspection" and send me a final sums due. A number of things have seemed a little "off" with the whole process, is this typic
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