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  1. It is pretty much impossible to read. I can see "credit card agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974" in one part, my name and an old address in another part, what looks like my signature and a date from some point in 2006, and what I think is someone else's signature near where my address is printed with no date (it is not clear what the second signature is for, but it is much thicker than the rest of the documentation).
  2. Spoke to soon - Received a letter yesterday, dated 19/04: Dear NoneProvided, I refer to your request for copy documentation regarding We enclose docs received to date and are awaiting further documentation to complete your request. If you have any questions blah blah blah, please call.... All that was attached is a very bad copy of something that takes about half a piece of A4. This is far too long between my request and receiving the info, right?
  3. Sara, please see my recent experience with a DCA, I believe you may be going through a similar experience. I can't link it here, but I replied to it today, so it should stay on the first page for a while.
  4. Apologies for the very delayed response! I have now waited more than long enough, and have heard absolutely nothing from them. As it isn't really effecting me, I am simply going to leave this to drop off my credit report in a few months time. There is another default on my credit report that I do not believe should be there - it is Lowell, who I believe pick up a lot of O2 debt, and I remember having a dispute with them when I moved my mobile phone contract away from them to EE approximately 3 years ago. I am going to use the same letter and a new postal order to start disputing this
  5. I have received a reply: Original Creditor: ABC Ltd Ref: XYZ Outstanding Balance: £xxx Request for Copy Of Agreement Dear Mr XXXXXX I am in receipt of your correspondence in relation to the above and have requested the required information. I have also enclosed your payment of £1 as this was not required to carry out the request. We will contact you to provide an update as soon as possible but if you have any questions please telephone us on 0800... where an advisor will be able to assist you. Yours Sincerely, Chief Operating Offic
  6. Thanks Andy - I'll stick with the request for the agreement. I'm not going to send this until next week - I have until the end of next week to respond, so will send it next Wednesday via special delivery. I'll keep you all posted on what their reply is, if any.
  7. having read silver foxes note about not recognizing PRA group, would this be worth while, or should I stick to the addition in post 7? "If the copy of the credit agreement you wish to provide at this time is not signed, please advise whether a signed copy would be relied upon should this matter result in court action. It should be noted that I do not recognise the name PRA Group (UK) Ltd, and do not recall ever receiving any correspondence from you prior to your letter dated xx March 2016. Therefore I also request you provide me with a signed true and certified copy of the ori
  8. Thanks for the swift responses. I have added to your template, would this be sufficient: "I expect you to comply fully and properly with this request, within the statutory time limit. You are reminded that should you fail to comply with my request; the provisions of s78(6)a will apply. **If the copy of the credit agreement you wish to provide at this time is not signed, please advise whether a signed copy would be relied upon should this matter result in court action.** If it is your view that you are not the creditor, s.175 of the CCA 1974 applies in the case of a simp
  9. If we go from 6 years since the original default date, or say 6 years and 2 months, it would still have dropped off my file by the end of 2016. I don't recall ever receiving a default notice - as it has been passed around a few times, I would struggle to remember who the original lender was at this point! A lot of the PPI claims etc relate to the important date of April 2007 - whilst I'm not looking to get any PPI back etc (honestly don't know if I even had it), is there any chance the age of the credit card could also be used in my favour?
  10. I received a letter from PRA Group recently. It states: ================================= We write further to the above and to inform you that your account has now been transferred to the investigations and litigation department. This is a letter before claim as required by the Practice direction on Pre-Action protocols, to give you notice of PRA Group's intention to issue court proceedings against you. You should consider the contents of this letter carefully and seek legal advice or alternatively contact one of the free agencies detailed on the enclosed docume
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