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  1. Thanks so much for your help once I'm sorted I will resolve it of they will help me to But they're a really difficult company to deal with , they have been refusing payments for five weeks now because it's not a full Payment to clear the arrears they won't even take one weeks payment ! I've got all my emails to confirm and I think I've done the right thing trying to sort it am not ignoring it but they're now trying to bully me into paying what I can't afford they have even accused me of lying about being evicted and I had to send them a copy of the letter
  2. I'm not hiding trying to sort it I've been made homeless and don't have a forwarding addresse to give them as I'm sofa surfing at the min I can't help they have refused any payments from me Unless they're full payments which I don't have they have been very unreasonable as a company about the whole situation and have taken over three weeks to get back to me to reduce my payments after I submitted evidence of my change of circumstances it has taken for me to contact them to find out they won't lower the payments they made no contact with me for nearly a
  3. Ok thanks but their now gonna have to find me first unless they email me If anyone else has advice about them id be most greatful
  4. it was a present for my son so I'm not able to take it off him an hand it back Really embarrassed I've even got myself into this mess tbh So do u no the next steps they are likely to take ???
  5. Yes I read this so apart from it leaving bad credit which looks like it's out of my hands , so after I've refused to hand back the goods what's the next step I've been told that after 12 weeks it will go to a debt collection agencies do we no what's the next steps from them now I'm hoping they will contact me via email as requested as I'm no longer st the addresse they hold for me
  6. I've already asked them to remove this in writing they said unless I can prove I have my own insurance they can't take it off it would be about 8 a week with out the insurance do you no what the next step is after ive refused to hand back the goods
  7. That's why I'm trying to arrange a payment plan with them but they are refusing and saying if I don't hand back the goods it will go to the next stage , do u no what this is ?? I don't want it to go on my credit history either They're saying the least they will accept is five an I've offered them 3.50 a week surely this is better than ignoring them an letting them go to next stages they haven't visited as I complained and they said I have removed their rights now I've fully corresponded with them in emails to try an resolve this
  8. A Friend of mine had nearly three grand of debt with them told them they weren't getting it an they never contacted her again I've genuinely had a change of circumstances and have tried to come to a arrangement t
  9. I sent a letter to this address recorded delivery am the store contacted me saying they passed it back to them
  10. Would a court let them take the goods even though I have offered them payments They caught me off a mobile no I asked them to email to confirm they are refusing my offer il not giving them my new address Aren't utilities protected against data protection?
  11. I done this but had the area manager on the phone refusing my offer sent them numerous emails and proof of my change of circumstances Can they find me at my new addresse My creditors are temple finance what is this addresse as I've got a different one for head office e They also won't take off the tad as they say I don't have my own
  12. They're just under £10 a week it has accidental an theft cover it was taken out end of October an yes I have the item but don't live at the address they have for me can they get the right to come n. My home an take it back if they find me
  13. I can't afford the payments i have offered them 3.50 a week they are refusing and are now staying it will go to next stages but are not saying I got to wait for a letter they're being really unreasonable from the start and had people at my door three days after the first payment was missed im not even living at my address no more but haven't told them have been contacting them through email what can the do next the debt is about 800 Ice not them I'm not handing back the goods Can they find me of one moved also I'm not sure I r
  14. Anyone got advice how to deal with perfect home
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