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  1. Thank you I will crack on with it. Cheers Darren
  2. Hello, Sorry I know this has been covered numerous times before. I took a Cahoot FlexiLoan out in 2003 at I believe approximately 5.9% or 7.9% which then rocketed yup to 23%. I also believe that I was sold PPI with this loan. I took an initial loan out of 2500 and made my payments until 2010. I then received a letter from Moorcroft Group in 2012 collecting of this loan with interest at £4686. I have now paid the full amount off and feel that it was unfair and that ultimately due to the interest hike I was forced into Financial hardship. I defaulted in October 2011. I wish to complain to Santander the now owning body of Cahoot, has anyone had success with these complaints recently? Plus any help in how to go about it would be great. Regards and thank you in anticipation. Darren Oh, I have recently had TSB and Barclaycard review and refund their PPI and interest.
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