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  1. Hi all I had a email from parcel2go claims dept yesterday this is what they said ''Thank you for your email.Please accept my most sincere apologies for the poor service you have thus received on this matter. Whilst I assure you that this is not the standard service we offer, I understand that you must be feeling very justifiably disappointed on this occasion. Unfortunately there seems to be a IT issue with the accounts team and we are unable to view the reports that show us when and where payments were made. As soon as we receive the receipt or more information you will be no
  2. Hi all. Its now 5:50pm on the 8th of march 2016 and I haven't had a update as to what is going on . I have message pacel2go on the facebook page and still waiting a reply back. also yesterday I emailed parcel2go and I'm still waiting for a reply back. I have bin doing some reseach and found an address for parcel2go. Does anyone know where I can get a letter template to send to parcel2go??? can anyone help with this ???
  3. hi all. another quick update. I have just had a reply vie facebook I send them a PM on the facebook page and this was the reply ''The claims manager has come back to us to state that there is currently an issue logging into our payment system therefore this may be the reason as to why this has not hit your account yet. This is being investigated and I will update you as soon as possible.'' I can now say that somethink is getting sort , but I'm keeping my eye on them as I don't trust them after the way they have treated me. I will let you know what happens and if I get another upda
  4. Hi martin I have tryed those phone numbers and the 2nd and 3rd doesn't work but the 1st one just keep ringing with no answer. not sure what I should do now ??
  5. Morning all. just a quick update . check my bank account this morning and still no sign of the claim money . I'm slowly being to lose my patiences withparcel2go. do you think I should take them to court or what should I do please can someone help with this ???
  6. oh thank you so much Martin . I will try those phone number in the morning
  7. Parcel2go doesn't have a phone number and they don't have a finance dept (as far as I know) I have bin told that I need to wait 2 working days for the claims dept to email me back. I have now bin waiting 5 days for my claim money show in my bank account but every time I talk to parcel2go vie live chat I get told so much miss information. what can I do ???
  8. Hi Martin I have emailed the claims dept this morning and I'm still waiting for a reply back.
  9. Hi all I wonder if you can help I sold a item on ebay and I sent the item throught parcel2go. I book the parcel on the 17/02/2016 and they was due to pick up the parcel the next day The courier came on the 18/02/2016 to pick up the parcel. parcel2go told me that the parcel would be delivered by the 22/02/2016. It wasn't until the end of the month that that told me by email that they lost my parcel . I put in a claim for the parcel they lost. which they Approved. Since then it been nothing but a nightmare to get my claim money back. I have waited 4
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