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  1. Hi not be on this thread for a while. Have had the threatening letters dry up since their final, final letter before action, I now get text messages asking me to contact or log into my account regarding the money I owe ? News to me that I even have an account.
  2. Another development I have received a letter which gives the sum of £54 as legal expenses, I did ask for a copy of the terms and conditions,not supplied. They have noted that I have previously provided details as to why I dispute the PCN. Therefore placing the matter on hold whilst further investigations with their client and will respond in due course In order to assist would I please confirm the details of my dispute. Firstly , I have never contacted the client, or have I provided my information regarding a defence against the last three DCs ( only the "debt denied" letter which I have posted up. Secondly they seem very interested in what I am going to use as a defence. Any thoughts on the above? I have prepared a complaint regarding their misinformation " that If you lose a CCJ entered against you could affect your further creditworthiness and employability " This fails to mention the fact that this would only happen if you lose and fail to pay in fourteen days. I am tempted to list my reasons for disputing but do you think this could be a bad idea ? Thanks in advance ( I have tried complaining to several authorities over the past two years but they all have a vested interest in the profits and quite happy to turn a blind eye)
  3. I have had an interesting development.I sent my "Debt Denied" and added a couple of paragraphs By email to BWLegal. I have received a reply from VCS ,the full email is VCS@ BW legal.I am thinking of sending a one sentence reply for them to quanify and remove any doubt ,is this email from the "Client" VCS or from BW legal. Any thoughts ?
  4. Hi HB, not sure about scanning it, maybe could photo it and attach. They seem very annoyed that I will not give my defence reasons for not paying . they have tried phoning my mobile (which I have blocked their number) have reported them to trading standards ( not holding my breathe ) There next letter should be interesting it is normally the one where a discount is offered.
  5. Thanks for the advice. They have ignored the letter and written back, three pages of extra costs, the landmark decision of Beavis v Parking eye ,CCJ against me ,the instructing of bailiffs etc,etc. This letter could tip someone over the edge, it's discussing that they can get away with blatant harassment.
  6. The debt denied letter,useful for sending to debt collectors acting for VCS Dear Sirs Our ref: xxxxxxxxx I refer to your letter dated xxxxxxx. Firstly,I have no intention of paying the money demanded by your client and any court proceedings will be vigorously defended. . Second,should it be your clients intention to start court proceedings,they must provide a Letter Before Claim which complies with the requirements of Annex A Paragraph 2 of the Practice Direction on Pre-action conduct. Please note that a failure and/or refusal to comply with the Practice Direction will result in a complaint being made to the court and an application for a stay of action and costs pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 4 of the Practice Direction on non compliance and sanctions. In the meantime,you should note that this charge is disputed and you must now refer this matter back to your client and cease and desist all contact with me.Failure to do so will result in a complaint to the Credit Services Association. I trust I have made myself clear. Yours faithfully
  7. Your absolutely correct, I am posting what I have been told , hoping someone may find it useful, I been getting DCA letters for two years. I believe VCS have been know to send out bogus court papers. Proper papers have a reference number and official court stamp.
  8. The retired lawyer who drafted the letter said it is useful for people (like me) who have ignored all correspondence( which is old advice) he thinks that VCS will take court action against,thinking they have a good chance of you ignoring the court papers and therefore getting a CCJ in your absense.
  9. I'm not sure if it is on other sites.The lawyer who drafted the letter explained he thought it better to send this letter than ignore. I am out the country until next Tuesday.I will message it to you.
  10. Thank you for the greeting,the letter I have was drafted by a retired lawyer who was appalled by the predatory tactics used at JLA
  11. JLA is not relevant land as it is covered by bye laws therefore POFA is not applicable,further costs !!!!!! What you must remember " at this moment in time there is no debt" You are disputing it, therefore until a judgement is made in the county court no debt exists. As they cannot take you to court, they cannot add costs. I have a very strong "debt denied" letter which mentions all the protolcols they must abide by if there client wishes to take you to court. I will post a copy if anyone requires it.
  12. I too received a PCN for stopping for a matter of seconds. have had the usual DC ( newlands, DRP and Zenith ) each dealt with a " debt denied" and court protocol procedure .I have now received a letter from BW legal at first it looked very professional compared to the others. They are claiming £54 costs according to the terms of parking ( I have asked for a copy as they have not been provided) also their statement concerning CCJs is very cleverly put to make you think that the mere fact that you are taken to court and lose will mean you will have a CCJ against you which may effect your creditworthiness and employability. This will make a lot of people pay up. What is not mentioned is that a CCJ against you is only applicable if you lose and don't pay. This tactic is used because if the "client" is so confident of winning, why are they using a debt collector ( who cannot take you to court) it is a total scare tactic which I have reported to trading standards. They will ask for your reasons for not paying don't tell them as this tactic is to assess whether you know your stuff or not. Stand firm and threaten back, there is plenty of advice on forums. If I do get taken to court , after making sure they are genuine papers I will be back for advice but I am sure I've more chance of winning the lottery.
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