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  1. Hi All This is a really good one! I park my car in our staff carpark in a designated bay. All staff display a free company permit in the window so it is easy to work out who should be in the carpark. The office is rented from a landlord. VCS are employed by the landlord to manage the parking. On 11 December 2016 I was parked in my allocated bay whilst at work. Unfortunately when I closed the door on a particularly windy day, my permit fell off the dash onto the floor. On the 22 December VCS sent me a Parking Charge Notice demanding payment of £100 or £60 is I paid it within 7 days. They have not provided photographs. I responded to VCS explaining the above but they have rejected my appeal of 04 February 2016. On 04 March 2016 their latest letter requires me to pay up or appeal to IAS. The letter states that I did not display the permit correctly and that I had opportunity to leave the car park if I could not display the permit? Hmm, if wasn't aware it was not displayed until the end of the day how could I leave the car park? They ignored my point regarding that any charge had to be commensurate with the actual loss, as there is no charge and the bay is allocated to me every day there is no basis for the charge as there is no loss. It is actually costing the company money and lost time and they are suppose to be protecting us! They have given me 21 days to to appeal via IAS otherwise they will use debt recovery and /or court action - strange as I am not in debt to them as they have not provided me with credit. I briefly spoke to the landlord post Christmas who's response was not favourable regarding VCS and he does not support the hassle they are giving me. Suggestion as to the best steps for next week to kick VCS up the you know what would be very much appreciated. Thanks Les
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