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  1. it shows up on google search and undermines lloyds bank rating..
  2. this account freezing business is very specific for UK banking sector..it looks like UK bank are using that provision 10x more than any other banks in other EU countries combined..around 400 000 accounts gets frozen by UK banks ...no other country does that in such numbers .I had very bad experience with LLOYDS Bank..my advice LLOYDS/BARCLAYS/are the worst ..if you have bank accounts with them my advice is to close them ASAP and move your money elswhere
  3. final update.. I managed to close all of my accounts with lloyds bank isle of man last week..my accounts got unfrozen after months of ''investigation ''first by banks own ML team of ''investigators'' and later by iom financial police (I got reported to them by the bank for god knows what ) but financial police gave green light for my accounts to be closed and funds released..FINALLY .my 3 months ordeal came to a conclusion...hope nobody else from this forum ( past present and future) would have the same experience as i did ..it was by far one of the most traumatic things I had to pass throu
  4. ok sorry update ..I did ask for deadlock letter final response...also all of sudden they allowed me to close one of my accounts (granted it was only 20 pounds on it but it was my ''main account '' for more then a decade...also I got some money out from another account ..one account is firmly blocked ..I asked for my accounts to be closed with grace period so I can arrange transfer out of off shore accounts ..waiting for replay..all this shows how arbitrary is the whole process and with clearly no purpose..they picked me and now they have no clue what to do further ..its more then obvious...w
  5. Dear Mr Rodici As per my previous communication, we recommend you seek legal advice. Regards xxx Deputy Manager, Banking Operations, International Wealth, Lloyds Bank International Limited 2nd Floor, PO Box 12, Peveril Square, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM99 1SS Office: Peveril Buildings Working Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 – 17.00 (UK) Email: this is the mail I received by the manager who blocked my accounts ...I dont know what he means by legal advice...I called FSO they told me I should get that final response ..but they also said if the bank decide to confis
  6. Stigman thank you again. .I did actually send my insurance policy -the first one I got from my insurance company. .Im planning to expand it with LLOYDS money. ..(hopefully if they allow me to get my money back). ..as of first thing I was searching for some documentation but the best I have is my old bank statement from my country -it goes back to 2008 and shows substantial amount of money on my accounts back home. .I did close that account last year and cash I brought to UK originates from that account . .its just Im bed ridden and can not go to the ba
  7. is there a chance that bank might take my money /confiscate for ever ?..did that happen to anyone before?
  8. thank you for your advise ..yes indeed its taking way too much time maybe they are investigating lots of transactions on some other accounts ?.. .but as I mentioned my accounts are in effect unused ..funny thing is that my on shore accounts are working ..no problems nor limits on them..funny that. .I called and asked is there any problems with my on shore accounts manager told me not at all ..no notes no investigations no complaints. .again I have to stress out that I been banking with lloyds close to 25 years now and almost 15 years for off shore a
  9. ok I got response of sort...nothing new was said I write further to your email dated 4 March 2016 and your subsequent letter received 14 March 2016, as your complaint has been referred to me. I have completed my investigations and I am now in a position to advise you of the outcome as follows; Firstly, it is always a matter of concern when a customer feels the need to let us know about a service that has not been of the standard both you and I would expect. Our aim is to provide the highest level of service to all our customers and I’m sorry you feel we failed to achieve this in this
  10. only question ''they''are asking was where I got the funds .. I explain that I they have a proof for it (treasury bond-money market call account long term deposit which I opened with them about 15 years ago. I been banking with the same bank for 23/24 years so they can follow my savings through 3 DECADES with no problem -theu can get all the info when and how I got paid ...so thats that ... second thing is they keep asking me where I got around 700 pounds I put on my off shore account in december last year..I told them the truth that I exchanged some euros in pounds and later le
  11. they are asking the same questions over and over and over again.. there is one manaaer which is ''dealing'' with my account ...by chance I put some cash on off shore account last year in december and he asked like 4-5 times for proof of those funds where they came from etc ..its total of maybe 700 pounds in 2 transactions probably even less ...like thats a big deal .. he kept saying that he needs to know how I obtain those funds like from gods know what kind of shady deal..I told him I exchanged some euros at the bank and later before leaving uk I just put them in the bank at thats
  12. man this guys are mean..I MEAN MEAN..LLOYDS is a whack bank
  13. my off shore lloyds bank got blocked as well ..no reason given..nobody knows what the issue is ...money laundering ?..I had no transaction to those accounts for years ...in or out ..got some money in maybe few hundred pounds all in all..very strange ..
  14. oh I forgot to mentioned that Im not citizen of any of EU countries /I m not UK citizen -never was one nor was I permanent resident of UK and never been one ,never worked in UK and last time I was in UK physically was last year after 18 or so years between 96 and 2015 I wasnt even in UK . .last year I came over to ''see'' some lady I met on FB and we kind of clicked but ended up pretty bad . ...also In my country Im not consider to be tax evader if I keep money offshore I can actually transfer alll the funds back home and no one will be asking any questio
  15. thank you you been of great help and support...regarding court action..that would happen outside UK for sure and with all legal help I can get ...I might get lucky and get somebody for fairly reputable law firm to take the case on a spec for cut of the profit //settlement (Im counting to get out of this much more than just my savings if the things go that way )not too happy about it but considering how much problems health wise this created for me and how much stress they put me through for nothing I think is only fair that someone should pay damages as well..
  16. STIGMAN I did wrote the letter as you advise me earlier and posted it today with all my contact info and brief summary of events ...again thank you for that ..I wrote and posted it to ST HELIERS office at JERSEY ...you were right about that being a head office of course ..I even noticed that one payment I send got sent back by JERSEY branch back to my account (one person who answered my phone call at lloyds call center confirmed this )..so they hold the key of all this KAFKAESQUE kind of process ..will inform you in due time whats going on ..hope outcome will be positive but I think it s
  17. thank you !!!..got some mail back from the branch manager but nothing new he said he has no idea whats going on with my account ..is that really possible ?..but allegedly it will look into that asap..I can only keep pulling my hair and gulping down some medicine ...always asking for some new info but then totally ignoring my replays ..asking for something else ..looks like he is wishing for something and its frustrated he can find anything (I mentioned my accounts being dormant for a decade )..really strange bizare even..could be that they doubt my ID ?..but nobody is asking any questions ab
  18. STIGMAN your words are gold ...just If you can tell me or advise me on few things ..who is the REGULATOR for banking at ST HELIERS/LLOYDS and how can I get in touch with them if the need be and also is LLOYDS OFF SHORE part of the LLOYDS BANKING GROUP or separate entity ? ps maybe its a good sign or whatever but my LLOYDS on shore accounts are working with no hitch..I can shift money around no problem except I dont have much on those
  19. I thought so too but I didnt even use that account for almost a decade..no payment in or out no international transfers no payments coming in to that account etc ..really strange account was idle ..could not figure out what to do with that money after my mother died ...
  20. does anyone have any kind of experience with LLOYDS OFF SHORE banking..such as limited account .suspended account I posted separate thread but maybe its not very visible .got a good advice from STIGMAN ....
  21. Thank you STIGMAN this is good advice in the right moment ..wrote the letter and sending tomorrow morning ..hope it will have some kind of effect ...I wanted to ask you can I reach somebody by phone at ST HELIER?..maybe some kind of customer service etc ...also maybe you or somebody else on the forum knows is there any way to start some kind of court case and reclaim the money through court if they refuse to unblock the account ...I can maybe open a court case in US?? I can see they have LLOYDS group there and assume that LLOYDS OFF SHORE is part of the same group so I can go after my m
  22. Hope this forum is still active and I can get some answers Im not getting any kind of help from LLOYDS OFF SHORE except run a round on the phone which is becoming tiresome... .in the nutshell Im old LLOYDS customer with about 24 years . .last 16 years off shore bank account also.. Im not UK citizen nor do I pay UK taxes.. .I just happene to open LLOYDS account while I was brifly living in UK and later just continue to use it .. .till recently I did not have much of a problem with LLOYDS OFF SHORE on ISLE OF MAN because I did not really touch those funds
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