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  1. Obviously I only moved it of the driveway yesterday waiting for the scrapyard to come and pick it up but they let me down. I don't think I am going to dodge a fine, I will sign the disclaimer they will crush/auction it and I will get a threatening letter from the dvla, hopefully they are not to harsh on me.
  2. looking on the website it says dvla will contact you to claim any unpaid back tax and may also be a fine imposed of up to £1000. Not sure If its best to pay the £100 release fee and get it taxed. I'll ring the dvla tomorrow nightmare, boiler went last night aswell:-x
  3. Hi can anyone advise me if I will be fined. I declared my car off the road when the tax run out as we only use one car so its been sat outside my house for a while untaxed, I have been meaning to scrap it and spoke with a scrapyard a couple of times who said they would come and pick it up but they never turned up, someone on the street must have reported it to the dvla now and it has been clamped today. I don't want the car, I rung the car tax enforcement company that has taken the car and told them, she said if you don't want it don't pay the release
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